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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Used Golf Clubs?

You just learn how to play golf. Now, you're prepared to get yourself a brand new clubs but when you stepped into the store the prices blew you away. You didn't realize they'd gotten so expensive. Now what do you do?

Your first thought might be to find some used golf clubs. After all, how much could club designs have changed in a year or two. You figure out that you could probably get used clubs for half the price. Why not?

Here's why not. The top 10 reasons not to buy used golf clubs:

1. They were made for someone else
Why get something made for someone else when you can get something made that's fitted exactly for you.

2. They're not the right length or shaft flex
Unless you are about the same height as the other guy, used clubs may not be the right length. If the guy before you was a fast swinger or a slow swinger the shaft flex may not be right for you.

3. They're old technology
Golf scene has changed a lot in the last 5 years. Club heads and materials have made golf clubs more forgiving and there are more options now.

4. They may not be the right kind of heads
If you're a beginner and need forgiveness, you want clubs that offer super game improvement. That suggests extra perimeter weighting, wide soles, hosel offset and a low center of gravity. Do those used clubs offer what you need?

5. They have no guarantee
What if the head comes off after 7 or 8 months, can you still get it fixed. Most probably not!

6. You can't take them back
What if you don't like them after a couple of weeks? Can you bring them back for a full refund? Can you switch the shaft out at no charge? Can you try them out for a couple of weeks and still take them back?

7. They're still too expensive
If you're paying over $200 for a used set of irons or over $150 for a used driver you may still be paying too much.

8. Not the right configuration
Does the set have hybrids, high lofted woods, and game improvement irons. If not they may not be for you. If they have a 2, 3, or 4-iron, you may be buying clubs that are too difficult for you that you won't use.

9. Not the right loft
If the driver has less than 12 degrees of loft you probably have a club that will not get the maximum distance or the accuracy.

And the number one reason not to buy used golf clubs...

10. They're used
Do we need to say more?

Did you know... clone golf clubs could be a good alternative to used golf club? You would be surprise that you can buy brand new clone golf clubs with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back return policy (and you can try the clubs out). You can even get custom fitted and get the exact right club length for your body, get the lie adjusted for free, get the right shaft for your swing speed, and choose from a variety of brand new, finest quality grips and shafts...all for less than you could pay for a used set of clubs. That's what clone golf clubs could offers.



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