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Where Can You Buy Used Golf Clubs?

In the competitive golf industry today, many golf manufacturers producing a variety of new models every few months. Once these new models hit the market, there are many golfers with deep pocket who always want the latest models would change their golf club sets. As a result, there are many used golf clubs with excellent conditions flooded into the market. But, how do you find these good quality used golf clubs? Here are the places you can try:

Garage Sales

Don't be surprise if you might find a good deal during the yard sales. There are many 'fanatic' golfers who buy a new golf club set every season. Who knows you might hunt down a good bargain out there. However, make sure you go through our checklist before you buy used golf clubs in the garage sales.

Local Golf Shops

Many local golf shops sell both new and used golf clubs. Ask your golfing friends or local golf course pro for a good recommendation in your area. The safest thing to do is go to a good golf store and tell them to find you a best used golf club sets that fits you.


Internet is an excellent place to source for used golf clubs. On the Internet, you are not geographically restricted to look for used golf clubs unlike garage sales and local golf shops. Moreover, you can make price and product comparison easily on the web that could help you to save times and money. For golfer looking for a great bargain, online marketplace is the right place for you.

Used Golf Clubs Websites

On the Internet, you can find many online golf stores that sell used golf clubs. Remember to read the purchasing agreement before you make your purchase. Stay away from online golf stores that do not provide inspection period and return policy. You are sure what you're going to get when you buy books or CDs online. But if you are paying hundred dollars for your used golf clubs that you don't see and touch online, then you have all the rights to inspect the condition of the used golf clubs upon receiving it. All online purchases should not be final until you have inspected the golf equipments. In other words, you should only order from reputable online golf stores that offer buy back guarantee or full refund should you not satisfy with your purchase.

Callaway Golf Pre-owned is one of the few reputable online golf stores for used golf clubs. At Callaway Golf Pre-owned, you have up to 15 days following the receipt of the purchase to inspect your used golf clubs. If you are not satisfied, for whatever reasons, you can return your used golf clubs and they will provide 100% refund. If you are interested in buying brand name such as Callaway but are unable to afford them brand new, then Callaway Golf Pre-owned is a good venue to buy Callaway used golf clubs.

For example, a brand new 'The Great Big Bertha II Titanium Driver' is selling at list price of $399.00. You can get the similar driver with good condition for $199.99 at Callaway Golf Pre-owned. At Callaway Golf Pre-owned, you have over 40,000 Callaway used golf clubs to choose from. Moreover, they have a 10 points inspection process to make sure all the used golf clubs are of good condition. With many imitations in the market, every Certified Pre-Owned club that you buy from them will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Callaway Golf. Make sure you check out their clearance center for some good bargain.

Golfsmith is another reputable online golf stores. Golfsmith has a pre-owned area at their online shop where you can find good bargains used golf clubs. You can also find good condition used golf equipments at GlobalGolf and PinemeadowGolf.com.



Used Golf Clubs Auction Websites

If you are talking about online auction, the first name that comes into your mind is eBay. Indeed, you can find a variety of used golf clubs and equipments on eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Canada, eBay Australia, eBay Spain, eBay France. However, there are many niche auction websites today that focus on specific product such as Golf.

GolfClubExchange.com is one of those niche auction website for golfers where you can browse and bid for used golf clubs. The details of the used golf clubs and equipments are described in details to prevent any misunderstandings. In addition, this website guarantees that you have 48 hours to inspect the used golf clubs that you have ordered. If you are not satisfied, for whatever reasons, you may negotiate a discount or even choose to return it for full refund.

OldClubs.com is another golf auction website where you can find plenty of used golf clubs on auction.

Golfbidder, a used golf clubs auction site for Europe's golfers. It is the official club exchange of the 'Professional Golfers association'. Their stock of used golf clubs are collected from hundreds of golf club professionals around the UK. As a result, they have a large range of used golf clubs you can choose from. All the used golf clubs auction items on the site belong to Golfbidder (meaning, Golfbidder is the seller). You have 7 days to inspect the golf clubs and you can return them for full refund if you are not satisfied.

When buying used golf clubs through auction, don't start bidding until you have read the golf club rating/grading system (such as, Excellent, Good, Fair, Well used) at the auction site. It is important to understand how the used gold clubs are graded to ensure that you are not disappointed when you receive the shipment. This will prevent unnecessary shipping cost should you have to return for full refund.

Can you find good bargain on these used golf clubs auction websites? Definitely! For example, an auction item "Taylor Made 360 XD" that was played for only a season with minor scratches on the bottom was sold at only US$75 (retail price of US$199) to the winning bidder.



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