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The 4 Point Checklist Before You Buy Used Golf Clubs

Buying used golf clubs is a good choice for budget golfers and new golfers. Today, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the brand name golf clubs that you are interested. You can find many good quality yet cheap used golf clubs on the Internet fairly easily. But the fact that used golf clubs was used; the condition of the clubs could vary depending upon how often it was played. So, here are the checklists before you start shopping for used golf clubs:

Golf Club Heads

Make sure the used golf clubs do not have major dents and scratches all over the club heads. Ideally, the club heads should be free of gouges, chips in paint, ball marks and scratches. Since it is a used golf clubs, slight ball marks and minor blemishes on top of club head are acceptable.

Golf Club Faces

Golf club faces is utmost important because dents and scratches especially on the clubface could seriously affect the flight path of the golf ball. You may want to check the clubface for worn spot. Usually, face wear is obvious on the used golf clubs that had been heavily played for a long period of time. In general, club face with the scoring lines and markings that still sharp with litter wear and scratches is consider in good condition.

Golf Shafts

Golf shafts are the second important area to check. For graphite golf shafts, check for potential shaft burn or bag wear areas that may cause weakness. For steel golf shafts, check for any bending signs. Make sure the shaft is structurally sound. Finally, verify the used golf clubs set has similar golf shafts on all golf clubs so that the feeling of the golf swing is consistent among all the golf clubs.

Golf Grips

Make sure the golf grips don't have cracks, splits and worn areas. Even if the grips appear to be perfect on the used golf clubs, you may still have to change the grips as the grip size may not be right for you (read how to find the grip size that fits you). If the used golf clubs need to be re-gripped, you will need to pay additional US$80 to get every grip in the golf bag changed (it's about US$6 per club).

Golf Set Consistency

Check through all the golf clubs for incomplete and non-matching sets. Make sure the used golf set has consistent shaft models, shaft lengths, shaft flexes and lie angles. Also, verify there are no duplicate clubs within the used golf set. Moreover, make sure the Irons set must consist of at least eight (8) irons in either a 3-PW or 4-SW combination. Finally, look for any non-factory alterations (such as non-factory installed shafts).



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