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Clone Golf Clubs

Clone golf clubs is perfectly legal in the golf industry and should not be mistaken with illegal knockoffs and counterfeits. Illegal knockoffs golf clubs attempting to fool the golfer into thinking they are actually buying a name brand company's golf clubs. For example, they will name their golf clubs set 'Calloway Big Berthe'. Whereas, counterfeit golf clubs attempt to make the golf clubs to look as similar as possible to the name brand clubs. Obviously, both illegal knockoffs and counterfeit are violating the trademarks and copyright of the name brand company.

In contrast, golf clubs clone is produced legally and ethically. In the mid-80s', IBM PC was widely popular. Eventually, there were many cheaper "IBM-compatible" PCs came into the market to provide consumers more choices of PC with similar quality if not better. Buying clone golf clubs is akin to buying IBM-compatible PC. Not only clone golf clubs support all the performance features of a brand name club, but also provide better value to the golfers.

Quality and Value of Clone Golf Clubs

To understand the golf clubs performance features, first we have to look at the golf clubs. Golf clubs are made from three major components: grips, shafts and club heads. Majority of the name brand golf club manufacturers do not produce these components themselves, instead they purchase from the component suppliers. In the golf industry, there are only few dominant golf components suppliers. As a result, almost everyone (including the clone golf clubs manufacturers) buys from the similar source especially the grips and shafts.

The only major different is in the club head. Name brand companies spend huge investment in the research and design on club head. Clone golf club manufacturers will take their design and redesign the club head so it looks similar but without violating the patents or copyright. For example, the club head toe may be redesigned to be slightly smaller or a notch or an angle is redesigned with minor difference. Not only the club head design is quite similar, clone golf club manufacturers even outsource to the same foundries that using similar casting techniques to cast the head by name brand manufacturers.

Essentially, clone golf clubs are made from the similar materials and design principles from similar suppliers by duplicating the technology of the brand name golf clubs. This is how a clone golf club can maintain the similar performance standard and very closed in look, feel and style to the name brand clubs. In fact, the difference is so subtle that from practical standpoint, a golfer would get almost similar feel when he/she hits the ball.

Why Clone Golf Clubs is Cheaper?

Name brand clubs such as Titleist, Nike, Callaway and the like have huge marketing budget to promote their brand. They spend it on television (during major golf events), golf magazine and golf celebrity endorsement. Like any consumer products, the money they had spent to promote a brand will eventually transfer to their customers. As a result, you pay premium price to buy brand name clubs. On the other hand, clone golf clubs manufacturers do not have huge marketing budget and they sell directly to customer through Internet to eliminate the middleman. Consequently, clone golf clubs can be 50% to 75% cheaper than the name brand clubs. For example, Acer XP Titanium Driver is a US$99 clone golf driver that resembles the features and performance of Callaway Great Big Bertha II that is selling at US$399.

Due to its cheaper price, clone golf clubs are a good option especially for golf beginner. If you are just starting the game and not sure if you are going to continue with the game, the lower upfront investment on clone golf clubs with similar performance is a good option.

Are all Clone Golf Clubs Equally Good?

Not all clone golf clubs are good deals. Depending on the materials they used, it is possible that you might purchase a cheap but low quality clone golf clubs. To lower the cost of the clone golf clubs, some manufactures would use inferior quality and cheapest materials such as Ti-alloy in woods or zinc in the irons. Ti-alloy or Titanium alloy is mainly consists of Aluminum with only some trace of Titanium elements. 

So, do not confuse between Titanium and Titanium-alloy. Likewise, zinc is cheap material that could break and crack easily and commonly used in the beginner or junior irons set. You have to make sure you read carefully on the specification of the materials used in the clone golf clubs. You only want Titanium material in wood and stainless steel material in irons. Do not buy from clone golf clubs manufacturers that do not explain in details what their clubs are made from!

Where Can You Buy Clone Golf Clubs?

The cheaper and compatible quality clone golf clubs can be a good alternative to brand name clubs and used golf clubs. Today, you can find plenty of discount clone golf clubs online stores. However, there are online stores that sell illegal knockoffs and counterfeits too. In order to avoid holding illegal counterfeit and violate the law yourselves, the best way is to buy from a reputable and trustworthy golf clubs clone company. Moreover, make sure they provide money back guarantee and warranty policy so that you can buy from them confidently. Below are few reputable clone golf clubs manufacturers that we recommend:

GigaGolf has has been satisfying golfers by manufacturing quality clubs with great customer service for over 7 years. They believe that a properly fit, custom golf club made with the finest components is the only way to sell golf clubs. They feel so strongly that they offer a 30 Day Play Guarantee. That means that if you aren't 100% satisfied with your custom clubs, just return them within 30 days-No Questions Asked. They take all the risk out of buying custom golf clubs.

PinemeadowGolf.com is one of those companies that make and sell clone golf clubs all over the world since 1985. Their clone golf clubs are comparable in design, performance and overall quality but are generally much cheaper than brand name clubs. You can visit PinemeadowGolf.com and see their wide range of clone golf clubs. Now, you can get a Pinemeadow NSE5 - Men's complete set - for only $199! The NSE5 set includes driver, 3 & 5 wood, 3 & 4 hybrid woods, 5-PW irons, sand wedge (SW), putter and a stand golf bag (graphite shafts on all clubs), click here to see the NSE5 Complete Golf Set

TourGolfClubs is another clone golf clubs company that produces golf clubs resemble those of the top name brands, such as Callaway, Nike, Titleist and Ping.



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