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Custom Golf Clubs

Every golfer has different height, built and swing type. Why buy off the shelf golf clubs made on specifications that designed for typical golfers? Can you guarantee off the shelf set suits your height and build? That's why there are many golfers are building their own custom golf clubs today. Just like Dell computer, you can customize the PC you want according to your needs and requirement. You too can custom made your own set of golf clubs to your own specifications. 

There is a misconception that custom fitting is only for good golfers. In fact, any golfer can benefit from custom golf clubs and it is less expensive than name-brand clubs or clubs you buy off the shelf. Custom fitting is often free of charge with the condition that you buy several clubs once you've been fitted. However, keep in mind that the resale value of custom golf clubs is low in general because they are specifically built to fit you. Moreover, building your custom golf clubs does requires your time and effort.

Custom golf clubs fitting can be carried out in two methods:

Find a Custom Clubmaker

Most of the golf manufacturers such as Callaway or Ping have fitting centers across the country. You can find a custom clubmaker in your area by speaking to your local pro or inquire at a pro shop or check with the local PGA. If you have collected a list of clubmakers, then call the Professional Clubmakers Society (PCS). The PCS will be able to certify your clubmakers list and even tell you if a manufacturer received a Class A clubmaker certification. After you have verified clubmaker's certification, you can proceed to call them. You can find out their background by asking about their club fitting experience, brands of clubs they fit for, clubmaking training program that they received, how much they charge....and etc.

Finally, you proceed to make an appointment with the clubmaker at the driving range. You will have to hit several shots so that the professional clubmaker will assess your clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle and more. These will help to determine your ball flight with every clubs at the driving range in order to find the combination of shaft length, shaft flex, lie-angle, loft, grip size and many other measurements that best fit to you. Typically, this fitting process will take less than an hour.

Build Your Own Custom Golf Clubs

Building your own custom golf clubs will not be too difficult if you are the DIY guys. You just need to do some research and spend some time studying about club-making. If you want to get started in making your custom golf clubs, you should check out the golf club components store that provide guidance and material you need - club head, various kind of shafts, grips...etc. You can try Hireko and Dynacraft Golf's , an online interactive clubfitting program that enables golfers to purchase the ultimate set of custom fit golf clubs. In addition, whenever golfers talk about clubmaking, they will mention another clubmakers GolfSmith.com. Judging by the success of Golfsmith, no wonder Golfsmith is the largest clubmaking supply company in the world. It is recommended to start off by building your own putter. Once you have built a good putter, then you can proceed to custom made your own irons. As you improve on the skills, you can move on to wood. In no time, you will build a whole set of custom golf clubs that is specifically best fit to your own characteristics.

Buy Custom Golf Clubs Online

Alternatively, you can buy custom golf clubs from an online golf shop. That's what GigaGolf offers. You can get custom fitted and get the exact right club length for your body, get the lie adjusted for free, get the right shaft for your swing speed, and choose from a variety of brand new, finest quality grips and shafts .... all for less than you could pay for a used golf club set. Gigagolf offers 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back return policy (in other words, you can try the club out). Visit GigaGolf now!



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