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Free Golf Tips

The objective of "Golf Tips" is to address high leverage facets of the game, which go a long way in determining the level of game an avid golfer can ever aspire to achieve. You can find free golf tips here – golf driving tips, golf putting tips and golf grip tips.

Golf Driving Tips

How is the ball driven long and straight? The appropriate drivers need to be used - but before the drivers come into play, it is vital that the teeing off position is determined.

Having frozen the grip, it would be appropriate to localize the tee height. The ideal tee height should be high - such that half the ball is above the topline of the driver considering that the swing would be on an upward trajectory. When teed off low the probability of hitting the ground or topping the ball is a distinct possibility.

How to set up for a strong drive? Setting up for a drive is not a natural instinct rather it is simple technique to master. The golf ball is ideally placed on the inside of the left foot considering that the driver will hit the ball in an upward motion. Concurrently the distance between the two feet should be the same as the distance between the two shoulders of the golfer - this imparts control and stability of the shot. The right shoulder should be positioned lower than the left at all times. 

Golf Putting Tips

Putting to improve the score card. Putting is one aspect that no golfer can afford to ignore. The significance of putting is evident from the statistics which exhibit that forty percent of the score depends on putting. Effective putting can effectively knock off at least five to six strokes for a golfer. Effective Putting is more than instinct - it hinges on the tripod of - grip formation, posture, practice and more practice! putting

How do you grip for effective Putting? The two hands are place on either side of the putting grip with the palms facing each other and each hand positioned perpendicular to the target is one golf tip which no book on golf will dwell strongly enough on. Technically the left hand is placed on the grip with the thumb pointing downwards aligned with the middle of the grip and the forefinger off the grip. Similarly, the right hand is wrapped around the grip with the thumb positioning identical to that of the left thumb and the left forefinger is now place on top thereby creating a reverse overlap grip. Putter control is achieved by using the forefinger of the right hand, which is extended down the side of the putter grip.

The beginner is well advised to hold the putter with a soft grip as putting is all about finesse, ball control and accuracy.

Another important aspect of effective putting is the "Putting Posture". The hallmark of an ideal Putting posture is "natural" - the posture should be natural at all times this is one golf tip which all sultans of the game vouch by. To initiate - an erect stance is adopted with the weight distribution favoring the left leg. Slight flexion at the knees and the hips is maintained with the hands falling freely to the side. Adopting the perfect putting grip

A slight bend of the elbows with the elbow pointing towards the chest would embark the golfer on the perfect putting stroke. A relaxed “feel” with even distribution of the body weight would embark the golfer into the putting stroke. A gliding move without any jerky overtures would see the golfer sink - a few holes and watch the handicap fall by the wayside!

Golf Grip Tips

A good game of Golf has more to it than just clubs and apparels. It is all about the good old fundamental grip. The grip is the fountainhead of a good game of golf and the golf tips would be grossly incomplete without an insight into the approach to the perfect grip.

The adage of "a comfortable grip is a good grip" is but a myth and could not be more misplaced. The selection of a good grip determines the degree of proficiency that a golfer will ever achieve. The golfing grip is inarguably the point of origin of Golf tips regardless of the target group. 

The control profile of a good grip profile is driven by:

Pressure over the golfing grip. The pressure exerted over the grip should not be too tight as it would prevent a free flowing swing. Conversely, a flaccid grip may result in the club slipping out of the hand while swinging. The ideal degree of pressure is best gauged by gripping a tube without squeezing out the contents.

Grip Variation and Selection. There are but three possible variations to a golf grip. To enumerate - the Baseball grip, overlapping grip and finally the interlocking grip. The Baseball grip is the grip of choice for the young golfers as it optimizes the swing for golfers with small hands. The overlapping grip is the most frequently used grip by adult golfers and is the most effective of grips. The grip is best expressed as one wherein the little finger of the left hand just overlaps the fore finger of the right hand. The interlocking grip has the limitation of a jerky movement while executing the swing and is best avoided.

Creating the perfect Golf Grip. To form a golfing grip on the club a gap of one inch must be left on the top of the golf club handle - which is followed by placing the palm of the left hand diagonally across the grip of the club. The fingers of the hand are closed over the grip while ensuring that the thumb is placed on the right side of the handle. The checkpoint for a correct grip is when two knuckles of the left hand are visible. Conversely the palm of the right hand should face the target and the fingers of the right hand are wrapped under the handle of the golf club such that only two knuckles of the left hand are visible.



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