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Golf Driving Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

There are many golf driving tips to help you improve your game. Generally speaking, the golfer who hits consistently will always have a lower score, but many amateur golfers make simple mistakes that only need minor adjustments in order to lower their score and improve their game. Since consistency is the key to any kind of swing that will improve your game, valuable golf driving tips that are based on consistency will help any golfer play more holes under par.

Understanding the Dynamics of the Golf Swing

Before you can benefit from golf driving tips, you first have to understand the physics that govern the way the ball is going to go and where it will land. To the beginning golfer, this is a game that seems like it may be easy to master; but it is very soon after someone begins playing the game that they discover otherwise. Even experienced golfers develop bad habits that handicap their game because they don't understand the basic physics of the swing.

As simple as it sounds, the game of golf is really about controlling the flight of the ball. This control is a combination of managing distance, direction and trajectory. With so much to think about during a swing, it is easy to develop bad habits without real golf driving tips. This is because there are five different elements to consider when you are swinging your club when you want the ball to land near the target and also keep your score under par. These elements are club head speed, club head path, club head face, angle of approach, and centeredness of club contact.

Club Head Speed

Club head speed is the speed the club is going when it makes contact with the ball. Club head speed is what determines the distance the ball will go on the course. The faster the club head speed, the farther the ball will go. But here's where consistency comes into play. Most pro golfers agree that as long as you hit within 65% of you maximum speed, you will play a better game.

Many golfers make the mistake of trying to hit every ball at maximum speed every time and wind up with a higher score because they can't keep up the pace. Also, many golfers buy the wrong length of clubs. The wrong equipment is another element that slows down the club head speed. The way to fix this problem is to get a professional golf club fitting.

Club Head Path

Other golf driving tips include the club head path. The club head path is the line which the club follows during your swing in order to make contact with the ball. Many golfers make the mistake of thinking that the club face should make contact with the ball at a perpendicular angle, but this is incorrect. Instead, the club face should make contact with the ball at a 45% angle. This is achieved by swinging the club in a more circular motion, which puts the ball on the dominant-hand side of your target when it lands.

Club Head Face

When it makes contact with the ball, the club head face can either be square, open, or closed. If the club head is square to the ball when it makes contact, the ball will go in the right direction. If the club head is open or closed when it hits the ball, there will be a spin put on the ball that will result in a hook or a slice. Taking a little more time to address the ball properly will help correct this problem.

Angle of Approach

As well, golf driving tips include information about the angle of approach. In the game of golf, the angle of approach means at which part of the ball that the club hits it. You can hit the ball at a lower angle, dead center or above the center line. The point on the ball where it is struck will determine the height and length that the ball will travel. In this case, it is important to know which club to use for which holes you are playing. For example, if you are on the greens and trying to hit the ball farther, you will need to use an iron and hit the ball below its center line in order to get a higher flight and further distance.

Centeredness of Club Contact

The last of the golf driving tips to remember is that much like tennis racquets, golf clubs have a sweet spot. Some golf clubs are designed to overcompensate for amateur golfers so that they don't need to hit the sweet spot in order to get a lower score. However, most clubs require that you hit the ball squarely with the center of the club face. Out of all the golf driving tips, this is the best way to get better control of the ball and make sure that it lands closer to the target.



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