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How to Find the Grip Sizes that Fits You?

Grip size is very important as it is the only contact point you have with the club. You need a grip that let you feel confident all the time, instead of the feeling of going to 'lose' it. Therefore, you have to make sure the grips fit you. A grip that is too small will encourage too much hand action in your swing and you will find that you can't hang on to the clubs. In contrast, a grip that is too large will restrict your hand action. 

So what grip size do you need? The bigger your hands are, the bigger sized grip you need and vice versa. In general, a "right" grip size should allow both of your middle and ring fingers barely touch the pad of your thumb. If you always slice the ball, you can get smaller grip size will force your hands to work faster. But, if you have the tendency to hook the ball, then a bigger grip size will help you to slow down the hook and alleviate that problem.

Majority of grips are fitted with rubber or cord material because it offers good playability in all weather conditions. Leather material is not recommended for beginner, as it is expensive and hardest to maintain. Finally, you want to ensure that the grips are all of the same size and design and that they are always in immaculate condition. You should replace your grips when you start to struggle to hold the club properly. Don't wait until your grips set hard and slick with age. Grips can be replaced at reasonable cost in a pro shop or repair shop.



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