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Popular Golf Magazines

The golfing market is swamped with a wide range of Golf Magazines and selecting the magazine of choice can be as bewildering as selecting the appropriate range of golf clubs when the potential golfer steps on to the driving range for the first time.

The Golf Magazines available off the shelf range from high-end glossy affairs to the functional weekly magazines, which tell the avid golfer, scant little about the game - if the cover is any index!

Golf Week

GolfWeek Golf Week is undoubtedly one of the most popular golf magazines available and this weekly  magazine caters primarily to the niche of golfers who show an avid interest in golfing tournaments and competitions. This magazine has the unique distinction of targeting a group of niche audience and tackling golfing issues, which are seldom addressed, by the sports section of any of the popular dailies.

This golf magazine aptly addresses golfing needs - pertaining to golf equipment. The statistically oriented have an abundance of scoreboards to satisfy their needs. 

The magazine encompasses a wide range of topics which may extend from travel to business solutions and is acclaimed as one of the most regularly read magazine.

Golf Digest

Golf Digest The Golf Digest is inarguably the bible of all golf magazines and personifies golf at it's best. The magazine elaborates on golfing tips from the all time favorites like Tiger Woods and Ernie Els.

The magazine undoubtedly inspires the upwardly mobile golfer by dwelling on the travails and agony of being the best in the world. It has the rare distinction of having contributions from leading golfers of the like of Tiger Woods and famous golf trainer such as David Leadbutter.

The market monopoly of this golf magazine is attributable to the in-depth analysis and validity of facts that the magazine maintains in every issue and over the years.

Golf World

Golf World This is a weekly publication of the Golf Digest and addresses relevant aspects of the game of golf at all times. This golf magazine may not have the volume of the Golf Digest but it has few equals in terms of utility for the discerning golfer regardless of the skill level of the player.



High-End Golf Magazines

The high–end golf magazines have their niche in the upwardly mobile affluent golfers and the traveling golfer.

To illustrate a case in point – "The Golfer" in a issue as recently as in 2004 proffers an in–depth analysis of the finest golf courses in the world and desirable golf estates around the world. A notable omission and limitation of the analysis is that the golfing properties to avoid have not been addressed.

Golf Tips

"Golf Tips" is an indispensable for all golfers independent of their skill levels and preferences considering that it caters to the entire segment of golfers. This golf magazine has a wealth of articles on a diverse range of topics, which extend from golfing equipment, techniques and an insight into the sport. To complement it gives an extensive analysis of the most demanding golf courses, which would hold the attention of the highly skilled and the traveling golfers at any given point of time.

Luxury Golf Homes and Resorts

This magazine is unique in content and reliability and is published bi–monthly. It tees off with an insight into luxury golf homes and equipment with is informative in an inimitable style. This golf magazine exercises, great finesse and tact, while addressing the issue of the most desirable golf courses.

Links - The Best of Golf

Looking to purchase a golf course real estate or planning an exquisite golf trip – this golf magazine has the solutions for you. This being a highly informative magazine, which has a plethora of photographs - leaves little to the imagination and is indispensable for the golfer, is a 'must have'.

The more adventurous would find riveting write ups on the most enchanting and challenging of the golf courses and is handled with technical precision to say the least.

Golf Magazine For Women

Golf For Women This golf magazine as is evident from the name caters specifically to the women golfers and is a monthly publication. This golf magazine encompasses a wide array of topics, which may range from selecting the correct golf clubs to high fashion statements in the world of golf accessories.

The immeasurable contribution of golf professionals can only be appreciated on observing their approach towards golf as a sport and by obtaining an insight into the versatility of the golf clubs and appropriate selection of golf clubs.

This golf magazine has strategically captured the golf psyche of the lady golfer even when on the verge of selecting the variant of the game to be played. The greatest motivator of a lady golfer is predictably is to evolve a lady role model of the game and hence the series of top lady golfer professionals who form an integral part of this golf magazine.

Golfing styles clothes and attire is yet another aspect of women golf which the lady golfer seldom ignores – and predictably the Golf magazine for women contributes significantly.

Free Online Golf Information – 1 2 3 Golf Street

This free online golfing resource is indispensable for the potential and the veteran golfer alike. This addresses a wide array of topics ranging from the long game, short game, driving tips to the less known but all-important golfing etiquettes.

Considering that the inputs are from professionals the validity and reliability of the site is indisputable. Concurrently it is a pre–conceived notion that freebies seldom contribute to advantage. The "Golf International" magazine is an exception to the rule considering that in spite of being a free online resource it contributes to advantage on multiple platforms, which may extend from Golf tips to tours and what this resource does not address, is not viable for an healthy and enjoyable game of golf.



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