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Golf Training Aids to Help you Improve Your Golf Game

Beginning golfers are always surprised at how tough it is to swing that little club just right. The pros make it look so easy! Likewise, avid golfers are constantly looking to improve something in their golf game, from a bad hook to a vicious slice, to more distance. All of these things come down to one thing - a better golf swing. So how you do you go about improving your golf swing? The answer is golf swing training aids. These are devices that are designed to help to improve your golf swing.

But before you jump straight in and buy the most expensive golf swing training aids; the first thing you need to do is figure out what aspect of your golf swing needs attention. Eg. Is it your grip? Do you want more consistency in your swing? Do you want to increase the speed of your swing? All of these need to be considered. It is vital that you understand what your weaknesses with your swing are and concentrate on finding a solution for that particular problem. Only then, should you consider searching for a golf swing training aid that will address the swing fault that you have identified.

So how do you know which of the swing fault you have? Well, if you can afford it, get a golf instructor to analyze your golf swing and identify your fault; although having someone tell you what you are doing wrong, then showing you what to do to correct it, should work for you most of the time. Or, at least you will know what your fault is and therefore make a more informed buying decision of a golf teaching aid. Another possibility for identifying your swing fault is to video tape yourself. By watching a replay, especially in slow motion, you should be able to spot your swing fault; if not, maybe a golfing buddy that is more experienced than you can watch the video and tell you where you are going wrong.

After identifying your swing fault you will then know what type of golf teaching aid you need to correct it. I have found on the internet that the teaching aids are conveniently categorized into a wide choice of golf swing training aids: full swing aids, swing plane aids, swing tempo aids, swing alignment aids, balance aids, grip aids, impact position aids, fitness training aids, and weight transfer aids. Some of these aids overlap in different categories - in other words, one type of swing aid might correct two or three different problems. Below is brief information of what is available in the golf swing training aids market:

Consistent Swing

The inside approach golf swing training aids –
The inside approach golf swing training aids will help to correct hooks/slices in your swing and therefore improve your game. The slice is one of the biggest complaints that most golfers have about their golf swing. The slice can be caused by many different swing flaws but the most common one is casting the club at the top of the swing.

Hinged clubs -
These will ‘snap’ if the swing is flawed, hence identify flaws in your swing instantly. Thus encouraging you to swing in a consistent manner. Since the early 1990's, the Medicus Swing Trainers are known to be a great tool that give your immediate feedback. Many golfers find that it will quickly teach the proper swing plane and tempo. Endorsed by Mark O'Meara, Bruce Fleisher, Hank Haney and Jack Lumpkin, the Medicus Swing Trainer, dual hinge shaft driver and irons, are especially popular with beginner and golf enthusiasts. (All Medicus swing trainers come with an instructional DVD)

Weighted clubs –
A weighted club will help condition and strengthen muscles so that the golf swing is executed in a more relaxed and yet extremely powerful manner, which is bound to produce the best results. A weighted club has several advantages that makes it so effective in helping many golfers improve their swing technique and thus their golf game.

To start a weighted club enables a golfer to accomplish or practice two different aspects of their golf swing at the same time. The evenly weighted shafts generate momentum along the correct swing plane causes the club to swing along a balanced and proper swing plane. The Momentus Swing Trainer is a patented weighted training aid used by over 50 players on the PGA Tour. The evenly weighted shaft of the new Momentus Driver Trainer and Momentus Iron Trainer builds muscle memory through repetitions for the correct-on-plane swing. Just 10-15 swings per day will have you hitting straighter and more consistent shots.

Laser trainers –
These allow you to see the swing path / plane of your swing. One of the more popular types has two lasers and a graphic mat that shows you the path of your club and the plane of your swing. As you work to get your swing plane and clubhead path into a groove, your muscles develop a memory, and you eventually find that you are driving straighter and longer without having to think much about what you are doing. The problem with plane trainers is that they can be expensive and take up a lot of room. Examples are the Groove Tube, Explanar and Perfect swing plane trainers.

Another use of lasers is to attach one or two to the shaft of your driver so that you can see the path and angle of your swing. If that is combined with a laser graphic mat, then you can follow your club path and adjust appropriately so that you are swinging in the optimum inclined plane configuration and directly at the target. There is a whole host of different types of laser trainer on the market, ranging in price from a few dollars upwards, though the vast majority are under $100. Examples are the Butch Harmon, Greenhawk and Smart Stick laser trainers.

Speed of Swing

Power Stance –
Addresses the lower body of the golf swing. This is critical because it is the source of power of the swing. The Power Stance Swing Trainer is the No.1 value in Golf Training Golf Stroke Savers Magazine 2006. The unique design of the left and right foot pads make staying in balance and weight transfer automatic while the arrow shaped base provides immediate feedback on alignment.

Power Hitter Swing Trainer -
Strengthens all the important muscles of the golf swing, therefore enabling you to increase power. Power Hitter is a revolutionary hittable weighted driver combines shaft weighting technology with head weighting in the perfect balance to add distance to your tee shots. Spend 20 minutes hitting balls during your next practice session and you could add 20 yards to your tee shots.

Speed Stik –
If your problem is lack of speed, the Speed Stik Training Club can help you swing faster. You swing the club as fast as you can and it tells you how you did. But remember, speed isn't everything. The Speed Stik tends to wear out golfers who use it too much. A Speed Stik contains a speed gauge in mph. Your speed of swing is directly proportional to the distance the ball travels (if hit sweetly!). This will help to build up your power.

Putting Training

Putting trainers of various designs are popular in helping to resolve problems with your alignment and putting action. Some have a hole in the putter from top to bottom, into which you can place your golf ball. You then swing the putter gently backwards and forwards without releasing the ball. This helps you to develop a smooth and gentle putting action, because any jerkiness would cause the ball to be released from the hole.

Once you have developed this ability, then you can practice releasing the ball. If your putting action and follow through are correct, the ball will be released on the follow through and run on to the hole. If you are slowing down instead of following through with your putter, the golf ball will stop dead rather than continue on into the cup. Bad putters tend to decelerate their stroke after hitting the ball, and this type of trainer will put it right. An example of this type of putting trainer is the Zen Oracle. Some other popular laser putting training aids are Eyeline Putting Plan System and Hank Haney Laser Putting Guide.


So, if you know you have a golf fault and you have identified which area of your needs attention, then you are in a position to choose the right golf swing teaching aid to improve your game!

Medicus Dual Hinger Driver - Golf Training Aid


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