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How to Buy Ladies Golf Clubs?

How to buy ladies golf clubs has always been an issue because while there are approximately 26 million golfers in the US alone, but only 22% are female. Statistically, this means that manufacturers concentrate most of their efforts on golf clubs for men. While this percentage is changing because many more women are enjoying the sport of golf, manufactures still put most of their recourses into developing clubs for men. This is because women have very different needs on the course when it comes to the equipment that they use in order to play a better game.

Why Female Golfer Need Ladies Golf Clubs

Because women generally have slower swing speeds then men, they need shorter clubs that produce a higher loft. As well, standard men's golf clubs will not help with a female golfer's swing because the shaft is either to stiff or too flexible. Another consideration is that different weights of clubs (like a graphite club versus stainless steel) may provide different degrees of control. The general consensus is lighter golf clubs like graphite clubs will produce longer shots for women because of the increased swing speed that they produce.

Does this sound complicated? It can be because of the fewer options that ladies golf clubs offer as opposed to their male counterparts. This is why many women buy individual clubs when they first start golfing, and then get a full set when they have mastered their swing. However, once you are ready to get a full set, it is important to do some research and then get what is called a custom fitting.

Getting a Fitting

A custom fitting for ladies golf clubs simply means making an appointment with a qualified ladies golf club fitter to see which clubs are best for you. This is usually a pro at your golf course but can be a sales person at a golf equipment shop. A professional fitter will take into account your swing speed and body type and then talk to you about things like club style, loft angle, flex of shaft, and swing weight. If you don't know how these terms apply to your ladies golf clubs purchase, it would be a good idea to look them up before you go to the fitting. Keep in mind that the best place to do a fitting is out-of-doors. Also, make sure that you do the fitting with the brand and type of clubs you are looking to purchase.

The Different Types of Ladies Golf Clubs You Will Need to Get Started

When it comes to buying ladies golf clubs, you will want to understand which clubs are the most important and which ones you will use the most. With regards to ladies fairway woods, you will more than likely use the 3, 5, 7 and 9 woods the most. These clubs are the most useful for women because their swing speed is generally between 60 and 70 miles per hour.

As far as irons go, if you have a slow swing speed, the 6 or seven irons work the best. If you are a more advanced player with a consistent swing, you can try the 5 iron. Hybrids are often used to replace the long irons. Hybrid ladies golf clubs are now made up to a seven length and are available in many ladies golf club sets. Pitching wedges and sand wedges also must have the correct degree of loft to make a difference in how far you can send the ball. Of course there are other factors that go into choosing ladies golf clubs.

Swing Speed

The first thing to take into account when you are buying ladies golf clubs is your swing speed. If you have a slow swing speed, you will need a more flexible shaft in order to get any distance on the ball. This is because a flexible shaft, like one made of graphite, creates more club head speed, which in turn sends the ball farther. If you have already have a faster swing, than you might want a stiffer shaft to gain more control.

Club Face Loft

Also, if you have problems getting your ball into the air, there are clubs that will compensate for this. For example, an offset hosel or a club with a more flexible shaft will help correct this problem. A 3 wood with a loft face of sixteen degrees is the recommended size club that will get the ball into the air if you have a slow swing.

Length of the Clubs

The length of the clubs is also important. Most ladies golf clubs are designed for women who are 5'4 to 5'7. If you are not quite this tall, you may want to consider a junior set instead of regular ladies golf clubs. As well, If you are over 5'7, many women simply use men's standard size clubs, which are designed for this height. You can also get custom fitted ladies golf clubs, which may be the best option to improve your game if you are a more advanced golfer.

Where to Buy Ladies Golf Clubs

If you are a beginner, you might be better off consider used ladies golf clubs. You can visit the official source for certified pre-owned Callaway women's clubs where you can find a wide range of selection for Callaway ladies drivers, ladies fairway woods, ladies iron sets and ladies wedges. Alternatively, Golfsmith is another premium online golf store where you can find good condition brand new or used ladies golf clubs at great prices. If you are the adventurous type of golfer, you can try ladies clone golf clubs. At Pinemeadow, you can find ladies clone golf clubs that not only affordable but also has quality as good as name brand ladies golf clubs.



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