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Play More Golf and Pay Less

If you are avid golfer that plays many rounds of golf every season, the amount of money you spend on green fees could be substantial. Depending on the golf courses and location, the green fees can range from $25 - $45 during low season to $59 - $125 per round during high season. It will be great if you could save 25% or even up to 55% of the green fees. But, how do you play more golf with less money?

In the travel industry, airlines or hotel operators always try to keep their capacity rate as high as possible. Any empty seats or rooms translate into less profit to them. As a result, they will attempt to sell their services through various channels.  Priceline.com is one of the good examples where they sell their "unused" services. Likewise, golf course operators are trying to fill-up any empty tee times in order to maximize the profit. They partner with various online companies to achieve that objective. Golf Card International and GolfNow.com are two online networks that help golfers like you to save money on the high cost of green fees. They have partnered with thousands of golf courses throughout the country in US, Canada and even some overseas golf courses.


TeeOff by EZLinks, the nation's largest tee time reservation network, provides golfers 24/7 access to more than 500,000 tee times and more than 1,200 courses in 19 countries. A pioneer in online reservations and tee time services, EZLinks was founded in 1995 and currently operates the world's largest golf reservations network as well as the industry's highest-volume tee time call center. Ready to play now? Visit TeeOff.com!


GolfNow.com is relatively new in this business. GolfNow.com is pay-per-reservation program. You have more than 200 golf courses throughout U.S. to choose from. The tee-time reservation process is straightforward. First, you perform a tee-time search at your preferred golf destinations. Next, you review the tee-time information, price and course tee time policy. Then, you select number of players you would like to reserve. Finally, you create a personal online account and proceed to pay by credit card. With these few simple steps, your discounted tee-time reservation is made.

Even though, all tee-time reservations are non-cancelable and non-refundable, but you can request to change your reservation to some other date/times for whatever reason (for example, bad weather). Some discounted tee times are even available 3 to 7 days in advance. So, check the next available tee times at GolfNow.com now.

Alternatively, you may want to find out how to get paid and play free golf games!



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