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Second Hand Golf Clubs

Sparkling greens, majestic landscaping frustrating handicaps - Golf has it all. The first steps in golf are about knowing the game, familiarizing with the ground rules and most importantly procuring an appropriate set of second hand golf clubs.

The play of emotions that golf evinces are exhilaration and frustration. A heady game of golf generates a high that few real time situations can equal for the avid golfer. The acquiring of the first set of golf clubs is the prized memory that few golfers ever forget.

However, walking into a pro shop and purchasing a swanky set of new golf clubs for $2,000 is one of the biggest mistakes that the first timer is prone to commit. When he walks to the driving ranges and discovers that the clubs are just not his style he would end up selling the clubs at a loss.

How Do You Select Second Hand Golf Clubs?

The second hand golf clubs are available at a fraction of the cost of a new set and more than meet the objective of a first time golfer. Procuring good value for money second hand golf clubs set is more than just walking into a pro shop and picking one up. It is all about a critical review of the profile of the potential golfer, his style, level of competence and the nature of the game the golfer proposes to indulge in.

The new golfer needs to visit the driving greens and get the professional to give him the fitting on style of clubs, which would align to his style and height. The second hand golf clubs market is replete with a variety of golf clubs and acquiring a customized golf set is a matter of time.

The second hand golf clubs market will equip the new golfer well with a good half set of golf clubs preferably using a set of five irons of numbers 5,7,9 and wedge complemented with two woods and a putter. The shortest iron in the collection is the wedge and should be the start up one as it is easy to wield and hits the ball in the air with ease a boon for the budding golfer.

While scouting for a second hand golf clubs, you need to know your length and flex. Otherwise, most golfers invariably settles for a standard length club which is best limited to 44 inches as it optimizes the distance traveled without compromising on accuracy.

Where Can You Buy Second Hand Golf Clubs?

Once the specifications are determined, the purchase of second hand golf clubs is routine. Second hand golf clubs can be procured by tapping multiple avenues like contacting pro golf shops, driving ranges and responding to classified advertisements in the periodicals.

To encapsulate - until a basic level of competency is achieved it is advisable to resort to a second hand golf club set and a half set at that!



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