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Trade In Used Golf Clubs

A common question that may arise among many golfers before trading in their used golf clubs is: What is the fair value of the used golf clubs? Surely you don't pick a number out of the air. Now, you can make use of PGA.com Value Guide, a simple online value guide system, to find the fair value to your specific golf clubs easily and quickly. When you are at the PGA.com Value Guide interface, you begin by selecting the golf manufacturer brand (for example: Callaway) follow by choosing the specific model (ex: Callaway Steelhead Plus driver). Finally, the system will return a fair market values for the specific used golf clubs based on the average transaction price on eBay. Once you have the fair value of your used golf clubs, you can proceed to sell your golf clubs at any retail or other private sales. Alternatively, you can use the "PGA Trade-In Network" to trade-in your used golf clubs with a new products. You can locate a list of trustworty PGA Professionals in your area by entering your zip code in the PGA.com Value Guide system. trade in

In most cases of trade in used golf clubs transaction, golfers often sell to A and buy from B. These separate processes often very time consuming. Now, some online golf stores offer trade in service, where you can trade in your used golf clubs for new/used golf clubs. Callaway Golf Pre-Owned and 3Balls are two of them.

At Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, you can trade-in your Callaway used golf club for used/new golf clubs. To trade in for new Callaway golf clubs, you can only do it offline through selected Callaway Golf authorized retailers around the country. But to trade in for Callaway used golf clubs, you can do it entirely online. Not all clubs can be traded; you have to verify whether your Callaway used golf clubs are currently accepted for trading. If they are accepted for trading, next you can find out their trade value directly on their website. Then, you simply add the Callaway used golf clubs that you intend to trade and buy into the shopping cart.

You proceed to pay the Callaway Pre-owned golf clubs that you have purchased. Meantime, you are responsible to ship your trade-in Callaway used golf clubs to Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, preferably using shipping method that provides tracking, proof of delivery and insurance against damage. Upon receipt, inspection and approval of your trade-in Callaway used golf clubs, Callaway Golf Pre-Owned will issue payment in the amount of the trade value to you (either through credit card or check). Currently, the trade-in program for Callaway used golf club only available to US and Canada golfers. Visit Callaway Golf Pre-Owned now!

3Balls is another online golf store that offer trade-in. You you can trade-in your used golf club for used/new golf clubs. Just buy the golf club you want from 3Balls and save the box that it comes it so that you'll use it to send your used club trade-ins. Next, visit PGA.com Value Guide to find the current fair market trade-in value of your used golf clubs. Print the pre-paid shipping label and pack your used clubs into the box and send them in to 3Balls for payment. It's that easy!



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