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Used Golf Clubs for Auction

There are many advantages of listing your used golf clubs for auction online over the conventional direct selling method:

  • You don't have to spend your precious time going around asking for best price. In an online auction, you can set the reserve price you want for your used golf clubs to protect you from underselling.

  • Today, there are more than 35 million people participating in online auction. The numbers of prospective golfers for your used golf clubs are definitely much higher than you could find offline.

  • An element of competition is most likely to establish when there are so many golfers out there competing with each other.

  • Since these golfers are unaware of the reserve price, they may compete to achieve a higher price than a direct sale.

Now that you know the advantages of online auction, which online auction website should you list your used golf clubs for sale? Even though, eBay is the grandfather of online auction, there are many other popular online auction players such as uBid.com or even some local auction sites in your country. Besides these popular auction websites, there are many niche auction websites today that focus only on a specific product. GolfClubExchange.com and OldClubs.com are those niche auction website that created for golfers where you can list your used golf clubs for sales.

GolfClubExchange.com (GCE)

Unlike many other auction sites, GolfClubExchange.com don't charge a mandatory listing fees, picture fees and reserve fees. As a seller at GolfClubExchange, you are charged for:

  • listing fees - A listing fees range from $0 to $4.99
  • commission fee - The commission fee varies according to your auction history (i.e. the number of transaction on GCE), typically range from 3.95% to 10.95%
  • transaction fee - This is a processing fee of 2.90% of the final sales price
  • shipping fee -  As a seller, you are responsible to pay a percentage of the shipment to keep the cost down for your buyers.

As a seller, you are guaranteed of payment because GCE collects the auction payments from buyers on your behalf. This will prevent any unnecessary dispute for you!


OldClubs.com is another golf auction website where you can list your used golf clubs for sales through auction. They don't have a lot of auction rules, though.

If you are new to auction, below are the step-by-steps to auction off your used golf clubs:

  • Before you can start auctioning, you’ve to register with the auction site. Follow the registration process to submit the application, which usually include your email address, unique user ID and password.

  • Complete a detailed listing of your auction. This includes setting your start price, reserve (or accept price) and 'Buy Now' price. Your start price is just an arbitrary number to solicit interest to your listing. It could be as low as $1! Next, the 'Buy Now' price is the final price that you would like to sell your used golf clubs. It is displayed to the buyers and if a buyer is interested, he/she can make an instant purchase based on the 'Buy Now' price. Finally, the reserve (or accept price) is the lowest price that you would accept for your auction listing. Any bids below your reserve price will not be accepted.

  • Generally, thousands of used golf clubs auction items are listed everyday. Your job as a seller is to get your Ads stand out from the rest. Remember to use great title and power words (great, rare, awesome) to attract your potential buyers to look at your Ad. You want to motivate them to bid on your used golf clubs immediately.

  • You’ve to be specific in the overall description of what you’re selling. Showing a photo of your used golf clubs you’re selling taken with digital camera, bidders will know exactly what they’re buying. A picture speaks a thousand words.

  • If there are any flaws in your used golf clubs, like a dent or scratch, you have to list that when you are selling the item to protect yourself. As long as you are 100% specific on what you are selling, you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle if someone decides to return the product to you because they were not aware of the defect.

  • In general, Saturday and Sunday afternoons have the heaviest viewer traffic on most auction sites. As such, you post your auction on Saturday or Sunday between the hours of noon and 3 pm. Prime time viewing usually hits its peak between 3-4pm. You should allow your listing to run a seven days auction so that it ends during these same high exposure-viewing hours.



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