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Used Golf Clubs for Sale

If you are planning to put up your used golf clubs for sales, the easiest way is to ask around your golfing friends for prospective buyers. Or you could sell your used golf clubs to golf pro or any golf shops around your area. In most cases, you will not be able to get good price because you are limited to only few potential buyers. But if you turn to the Internet, you can find many golf liquidation websites that are competing among each other to offer you the best price. Here are some of these buyers:

Another option is to put your used golf clubs for sale on auction website. But before you list your used golf clubs for auction, you should request a price quote for your used golf clubs from these golf liquidation companies. Firstly, you provide as much as possible about your clubs - manufacturer, model, shaft type and flex, loft, and condition to the golf liquidation websites in order to get a price quote. In general, the used golf club values is determined by various factors, such as brand/club demand, club condition, style and etc. Depending on the buyers, the price quote usually valid for up to 3 months.

Next, you consolidate all the price quotes from all these potential golf liquidation companies and identify the highest price. Now, you can choose to sell your used golf clubs to the best offer. Alternatively, if you don't mind the hassle of auction, you could now put your used golf clubs for auction with the highest price quote as your reserve price. You can almost guarantee you could fetch a better price this way.

Assuming you choose the hassle free option, i.e. selling your used golf clubs to the golf liquidation online company with the best offer. There are few points to take note:

  • Make sure you describe your used golf clubs according to the buyer's grading system. Otherwise, if your used golf equipment is not up to their grade definition standards, they will return the equipment to you. If that happens, all the shipping cost involved will be at your expense.

  • You are responsible for sending your used golf clubs to the buyer. Therefore, you are advised to select a shipping method that provides tracking, proof of delivery and insurance against damage/loss to protect yourself. Most buyers prefer you ship UPS or FedEx.

  • Ask the payment options offered by the buyer. Some buyers accept C.O.D (usually for transaction below $100). Other will send you a standard/overnight check or transfer the money directly into your account once they receive your golf equipment. If the transaction value is higher, some buyers may choose to pay through i-Escrow (It is a service to protect online buyer and seller from fraud. As a seller, you are protected from payment fraud. As for buyers, they are ensuring to receive your used golf equipment before you are paid). If you want to send your golf clubs to the buyer worry free, this online escrow service is a good option to you. However, depending on the buyer, you may or may not have the choice of your preference payment option. So, remember to ask about the payment options.

So you have sold your used golf clubs, may be it is time for you to get your new golf set that you have been dreaming about! Here is a list of golf retailers that offer good quality on name brand golf equipment:

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned
The official source for certified Callaway used golf clubs. They offer $7.95 flat rate shipping in the Continental US with full refund and buy-back guaranteed.

PinemeadowGolf is a reputable online golf stores with many years of experience in clone golf clubs business. They make and sell clone golf clubs all over the world. Now, you can find clone golf clubs with equal quality to the brand name clubs but at a much cheaper price. 

Golfsmith has been in the golf club components custom clubmaking industry since 1967 and it remains a driving force in golf’s custom club design and components industry. You can also find new or used golf clubs at Golfsmith. If you are not satisfied with their product, they provide 30-day full refund.



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