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Used Junior Golf Clubs

Golf until a few years back had no specialized set of golf clubs for the most impressionable of golfers - the junior golfers. They had to contend with using the standard adult golf sets cut to customized sizes.

Over the years, there has been a perceptible shift in the market with customized used junior golf clubs available at all leading pro shops.

Why Buy Used Junior Golf Clubs?

A used junior golf clubs set is the order of the day considering that the junior would predictably outgrow the golf clubs set and would need to substitute it with a bigger set within a couple of years.

The junior would need to assess and fit the clubs to the game and would more frequently than not have to consider a part of the set of used junior golf clubs a mismatch and would need to quickly substitute with an appropriate club within a short span of time.

Right Mix of Used Junior Golf Clubs

With a wide array of used junior golf clubs on display the right mix of specifications ranging from shaft length, shaft flex and weight to grip size is indispensable for launching a good game of junior golf.

  • Shaft length
    The ideal shaft length would choke the junior golfer by and inch or so without significantly altering the swing - this would consequently translate into using the set for the second year in succession. A choking of more than an inch would alter the swing and hence would be detrimental to the game of the junior golfer.

  • Shaft flex
    The modified adult used golf clubs will lack the much needed flex considering that the shaft has lost about four inches in length while customizing and this invariably results in a loss of height while executing the stroke which is never desirable.

  • Optimal weight
    Inconsistency of swing is inevitable when the used junior golf club is disproportionately heavy. This has been effectively countered by the innovation of the manufacturers who have substituted the metal clubs with a light ĘC weight steel or graphite that is well complemented by the use of lighter heads for the clubs.

  • Golf grip
    A transformation in the approach to junior golf is well exhibited in the change in the style of gripping the golf club. The traditional protocol was to cut the clubs to fit the junior golfer and then use whatever grip would fit with little attention towards the needs of the junior golfer.

    An oversized grip doubtlessly destabilizes the swing - consequently a junior grip preferably of core sizes fifty. The thinner grips on used junior golf clubs go a long way in transforming the game of the junior - doubtlessly for the better.

Having examine all the right mix of golf clubs, one of the most crucial modalities universally used but without any scientific basis is the "feel" which any used junior golf club should display. On swinging the club, the "feel" should be right!

Where to Look for a Set of Cheap Used Junior Golf ClubsTour Series 10 Piece Junior Golf Set for Ages 9-12

Internet is a great place to find a cheap used junior golf clubs set. You have find a huge selection of good condition used junior golf clubs at great prices at Golfsmith, a premium online golf store. Alternatively, you can find junior clone golf clubs that not only affordable but also has quality as good as name brand junior golf clubs. For example at Pinemeadow, a Tour Series 10 piece junior golf set for ages 9-12 costs only US$99! Or, you may even want to consider a brand new junior golf sets from Golfoutletsusa.com.



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