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Used Ladies Golf Clubs

With the advent of time ladies golf has gained in popularity and there are more ladies playing golf today than ever before. Consequently the number of ladies learning the game is also increasing exponentially. Once the golf lessons are completed - doubtlessly with a set of borrowed or hired golf clubs, it is time to acquire a personal set of ladies golf clubs.

The start up set of golf clubs would ideally be a set of used ladies golf clubs. A set of used ladies golf clubs although available for a fraction of the cost of a new ladies golf clubs set - needs to be selected with caution.

Creating the Right Mix of Used Ladies Golf Clubs

The start up phase is the most crucial and the selection of used lady golf clubs is vital for handling the different situations on the golf course. The game of the potential golfer determines the mix of used ladies golf clubs. The ideal combination would be made up of irons such as five, seven and nine and amongst the woods it would be three, seven and nine which is complemented by a sand wedge and putter.

Having selected the first golf clubs it is now appropriate to look for a matching set - preferably of the same make and should ideally be in a good state of repair and unscratched. Once used on the course it would give the ideal feel for different shots and enable the golfer enough bandwidth when it comes to selecting golf clubs which are best aligned to individual needs.

Inspection and Selection of a Beginner's Used Lady Golf Clubs

The ideal woods and irons are those with a high loft - this being the angle that the shaft makes with the head and the higher the loft the easier it is to get under the ball.

The grip should be comfortable and easy to sustain and the core determines the grip size - the ideal women golf club core size is 0.590" in contrast to the 0.620" male standard.

The cardinal rule for shaft length is that short ladies should have long shaft golf club whereas normal height ladies use a thirty one to thirty four inch shaft length.

The graphite shaft clubs are the ideal clubs for a women golfer considering that these clubs are much lighter than the standard steel golf clubs - although less durable.

Where to Look for a Set of Used Ladies Golf Clubs

As you may be able to find a set of used lady golf clubs at garage sales or local golf shops, but the Internet has a plethora of web sites dealing exclusively in used ladies golf clubs. Typically, you can find these web sites offer wide range of used ladies golf clubs at a cost, which is much lower than a pro shop.

If you are looking for Callaway used golf clubs for ladies, you can visit the official source for certified pre-owned Callaway women's clubs. Here, you can find a wide range of selection for Callaway ladies drivers, ladies fairway woods, ladies iron sets and ladies wedges.

Golfsmith is another premium online golf store where you can find good condition used ladies golf clubs at great prices. Golfsmith carries a wide selection of full sets of used ladies golf club as well as individual woods, irons, putters and wedges. You can choose from name brands that you can trust, such as Callaway, Cleveland, Ping, TaylorMade and etc. The best part at Golfsmith is that you get 10% off on all things for the women golfer!

Alternatively if you are the adventurous type of golfer, you can try ladies clone golf clubs. At Pinemeadow, you can find ladies clone golf clubs that not only affordable but also has quality as good as name brand ladies golf clubs. Or, you may want to consider ladies golf equipment for the lowest prices at GolfOutletsUSA.com.

Once the decision to buy, what to buy and more specifically where to buy have been answered it is time to enjoy the swing and improve on the handicap!

Happy Teeing!!



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