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Used Left Handed Golf Clubs

Golf - the game of sparkling greens and driving ranges and equipped by an array of accessories ranging from a variety of golf balls to state-of-art golf clubs both new and used.

The golf clubs market used to abound in pre-dominantly right-handed golf clubs with a smattering of left-handed golf clubs and even fewer used left-handed golf clubs - and not without reason.

The fraternity of left handed people in the world is limited to a scant fifteen percent and when it comes to the realm of golf the number shrinks still further - which is hardly surprising considering that the average left handed individual finds it natural to play right handed golf! The converse is not true for the right handed for reasons still unknown.

Why are There so Few Left-Handed Golfers?

The popular misconception is that the market for used left-handed golf clubs is driven by the needs of the customer - in fact it is the market that has driven the golf fraternity.

Considering that left handed used golf clubs were rarely available even the natural left handed golfers switched to being right handed while playing golf. The left handed golfer is further hampered by the acute paucity of left handed training and practice manuals which induces the golfer to customize while he learns making the left handed version of the game an uphill task.

How is the Natural Side of a Golfer Determined?

There is no perfect technique available but those in the know are aware of practical tips - place the ball on the ground and visualize it propelling in the air under the impact of the swing. The side that comes naturally as the side to stand determines the golfer hand!

Is there Adequate Availability of Used Left-Handed Golf Clubs

The history of golf has seen but six professionals reach the top the last two being as recently as 2003 and 2004 (Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir and others). This acute paucity of quality left handed players at the top could well be because of the limited availability of left handed golf clubs and when left handed golf have such a limited availability the market for used golf clubs would be even smaller as compared to the right handed golf clubs availability.

However, the last few years have seen the game of golf undergo changes wherein the pro shops are flooded with used left handed golf clubs and there are an array of choices in the market making left handed golf more popular than it was a decade back.

Can a Good Used Left-Handed Golf Club Be Identified?

Buying a high quality used left handed golf clubs set is no difference from buying a right handed golf clubs set. There are 4 key checkpoints you have to watch out before you buy the used left handed golf clubs, namely golf club heads, golf club faces, golf shafts and grips. To go over the main points, make sure the golf club heads and club faces do not have major dents and scratches. Pay attention for possible shaft burn or bag wear for graphite golf shafts while check for any bending signs for steel golf shafts. Last but not least, certify the golf grips don¡¯t have cracks, splits or any worn areas.

A good used left-handed golf club then can be picked up with ease in case the potential golfer can focus on these aspects of the golf clubs.

Where to Search for a Set of Used Left-Handed Golf Clubs?

There are a variety of venues where you can find and buy used left handed golf clubs. You can try your luck at garage sales or local golf shops especially at the end of golf season to find a good bargain of used left handed golf clubs. However, the major drawback of garage sales or local golf shops is that you have limited choice as you are geographically bounded to the area you live.

In contrast, Internet is an excellent alternative that opens up a greater chance for you to find your ideal used left handed golf clubs. At the comfort of your home, online marketplace allows you to make price and product comparison and offers a wide range of great bargain. You can discover cheap and top quality used left handed golf clubs at some premium used golf clubs online storefront that focus only on used golf clubs. If you are looking for Callaway used left-handed golf clubs, you can visit the official source for certified pre-owned Callaway left hand clubs. Here, you can find a wide range of selection for Callaway left hand drivers, left hand fairway woods, left hand iron sets, left hand wedges and even left hand putters. Golfsmith is another reputable online golf store where you can find good condition used left handed golf clubs set or brand new lefty golf clubs at the lowest prices at GolfOutletsUSA.com. Alternatively, you can try the used golf clubs auction websites such as eBay GolfClubExchange.com, Golfbidder and etc.

If you are willing to put in some effort, you can be sure to come across a high quality used left handed golf clubs set at a bargain price on the Internet.



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