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Used Golf Balls

 If you step into any golf professional's shop, you will find all types of golf balls with different brands. With Titleist golf balls being the most popular on the PGA tour, you can also find Callaway, Maxfli, Top Flite, Nike golf balls and many others. Different manufacturers claiming different advantages. They either claim the golf ball goes farther and straighter, or the golf balls gives you more control. But basically, there are two types of golf balls: Balata and Surlyn.

Balata is a relatively soft, rubber-type material that designed for more control. Due to Balata's soft plastic exterior, it is more prone to cuts and nicks that inhibit a ball's trajectory. However, the advantage of Balata golf ball is that it has more back spin, hence giving you more control. In general, professional or low handicap golfers who want more control and do not mind to pay extra would choose the Balata golf balls. 

In contrast, Surlyn golf ball has a solid core covered with a tough plastic cover. Their harder cover make the golf balls more durable and travels farther, but it gives less 'feel'. Since they are cheaper than a Balata ball and they last longer, you can save more money in the long run. If durability and low cost are your priorities, then it is recommended to go with Surlyn golf balls. 

Golf ball compression

Golf balls are available in compression ranges of 80, 90 and 100. Higher number of compression indicates that a ball requires more force to compress it. Some golfers say hitting a 100-compression golf balls is like hitting a concrete. On the other hand, striking a 80-compression golf ball is like slamming a cotton pillow. As you can see, different golf compressions give different 'feel'. But all golf balls with different golf compressions fly similar distance. So, it is not true that the higher the golf compression, the farther it will fly. In general, most golfers choose the 90-compression.

Which golf ball and golf compression should one go with? Depending on personal preference, it is always good to experiment different types of golf balls (Balata & Surlyn) with different golf compression to find the one that suits you. Just go out and purchase a sleeve of different golf balls and compression and choose the golf ball that best suited to you. 

Used golf balls Grading

When we all starting out to play, we know we need a lot of golf balls. We could easily lose 3 to 5 golf balls for each round of golf. If you are novice golfer, you know how frustrating it is whenever you lose a golf ball especially a brand new one. Unless you have a deep pocket, it is recommended for beginner or social golfers to play with used golf balls (also known as 'recycled golf balls' or 'reclaimed golf balls'). Before you go out and buy any used golf balls, make sure you know the grading system for used golf balls because different online store may have different grading system.

In general, there are few different grades for used golf balls.

  • Mint condition - Mint quality recycled golf balls that look and feel like 'New' with consistent color and glossy shine.

  • Grade 'A' - Grade A used golf balls are clean and have no cuts or creases that will affect the trajectory of the ball. There may be very minor user markings.

  • Grade 'B' - One grade below 'A'. In general, the golf balls are still in great condition - shiny white with small mark and noticeable abrasive surfaces. They are great for practice and suitable for recreational golfer.

  • Practice balls - Practice balls has no large cuts but damaged clear cost, minor nicks or club marks may be evidence. These balls are great for beginning golfers for practice and long shot that carry over water.

Now, you can decide what used golf balls to buy based on the grading and your skills level.

Where to buy used golf balls?

Buying used golf balls through online marketplace is the easiest and cheapest method. You can make price and product comparison easily with just few mouse clicks. Below are few premium online stores for used golf balls:

Golfballs.com was established in 1995 and has sold over 5 million golf balls to date to customers from over US and 40 countries. You can find complete selection of new, used, and custom logo golf balls. They also carry wide range of ball brands too.

KnetGolf.com is one of the used golf balls premium providers in North American. You can find over 400 leading brands of discounted recycled golf balls with good quality. If you are not satisfied with their recycled golf ball order, you have 30 days to request for full refund. However, there is a 3-dozen minimum order requirement at KnetGolf but you can always mix and match any brands you like to make up that 3-dozen. 

GolfBallZone.com is another used golf balls provider. No matter what is your order size, their shipping charges is a flat rate of $5.95.

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