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Used Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway is the world's largest manufacturer of premium golf clubs with stock listed on NYSE (Symbol: ELY). It is one of the most popular golf clubs name in the industry. The huge investment in research and design had helped Callaway created many cutting edge technologies in golf industry. Many golfers dream to own their famous 'Big Bertha' series of drivers and irons. Unfortunately, the brand new Callaway golf clubs are not cheap. If you can't afford them brand new, then buying used Callaway golf clubs can be a good choice.

Where do you find used Callaway golf clubs?

You can shop for used Calloway golf clubs on many online golf stores and auction websites. However, you should know that due to the popularity of Callaway golf clubs, there are many imitations flooded the market too. Therefore, it is not easy to guarantee you can purchase a genuine used Callaway golf clubs set. So, the best place to shop confidently is to buy directly from Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. Callaway Golf Pre-Owned is the official online source for certified pre-owned Callaway golf equipments. And every used Callaway golf clubs comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Callaway Golf. Knowing that Callaway Golf puts its stamp of approval on Certified Callaway Pre-Owned golf clubs, you are guaranteed that you pay for a 'real' deal.

In addition, all the Callaway pre-owned golf clubs are thoroughly inspected. They are tested for structural integrity of the club head and shafts and inspected for proper club length, loft, lie and swing-weight. Then, they are graded according to the field test result and cosmetic evaluation. Finally, every Callaway used golf clubs is priced to the grading category accordingly. So, if you purchase from Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, you can be confident that you've purchased a great condition Callaway used golf clubs with reasonable pricing.

Guarantee by Callaway Golf Pre-Owned

Buying used golf clubs online involves certain risk as you can't touch or see them physically. You only rely on few pictures and some description to make a final purchase decision. If you are paying so much for your used Callaway golf clubs, then you have all the rights to inspect its condition upon receiving it. In other words, you should only order from reputable online golf stores that offer buy back guarantee or full refund if you not satisfy for whatever reasons. All online purchases should not be final until you have inspected your Callaway used golf clubs.

At Callaway Golf Pre-owned, you have up to 15 days to inspect your used Callaway golf clubs and you will be given a full purchase-price refund if you're unsatisfied with the condition or quality of your purchase. Moreover, you are offered up to 90 days to play with your used Callaway golf clubs. Under their buy-back guarantee, Callaway Golf Pre-owned will buy back from you for a value depending on the time that you have played (up to 90% of the original price if you played for only 30 days).


If you are looking to buy genuine Callaway used golf clubs, you can't go wrong with Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. As the official source for certified pre-owned Callaway golf products, strict inspection process, $7.95 flat rate shipping in the Continental US, superior customer service, full refund and buy-back guaranteed, you can rest assure that you get more than what you pay for at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned!

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