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Ping Golf Clubs

If you are shopping around for a new set of clubs, you may be wondering, what are Ping golf clubs? This is a great question, because Ping is one of the few golf club manufactures that still makes golf clubs in the United States. Based in Phoenix, Arizona this company has been around since 1967. The Ping Company was founded by GE engineer and avid golfer, Karsten Solheim, who started designing putters in his garage in 1959. These putters were so popular with his golf friends, that he resigned his position at GE and went to work full time for himself. The company name ‘Ping' comes from the sound that Solheim heard when the clubface connected with the ball. Once in business, he developed wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers.

The secret to the success of Ping golf clubs is the heel to toe weighting in the putters and the irons. Solheim was continually tinkering to come up with the best ratio of weight distribution and finally invented the highly successful ‘Ping 1A' putter. It was featured in Sports Illustrated, and shortly thereafter, the first set of Ping golf clubs was used to win a victory on the PGA tour. With new innovations in materials, engineering, and designs - Ping golf clubs continue to evolve.

High-end Quality Golf Equipment

Ping golf clubs are manufactured with the finest materials and state-of-the art engineering. Metals used include titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel. In addition, things like moment of inertia are improved by the strategic location of the center of gravity on the club head; and the crown structure and face thickness contribute to longer and straighten shots. Even the smallest details, like the club's acoustics, provide a unique sound that is distinctly resonate on all Ping golf clubs.

Drivers by Ping

Ping golf clubs offers six lines of drivers: the G15, the G15 Draw, the i15, the RaptureV2, the G10, and the Lady Rhapsody line for women. The G15 driver has a larger face for consistency on all types of lies. This driver is very forgiving and is designed for golfers who may not quite have a perfect game. Other features include Ping's patented ultra thin technology in the form of a thin crown which serves as a exterior sole weight. The thin crown controls the center of gravity for higher flight and spin reduction.

The weight of this driver is redistributed by the newly created TFC 149D high balance point shaft. Designed by Ping, this titanium shaft redistributes more weight to the club head with no increase in overall weight. This provides for an increased MOI, which in turn creates higher ball speeds. Other drivers have similar specs and are all designed to be high forgiveness drivers.

Fairway Woods by Ping

Ping golf clubs offers metal fairway woods that match the same design lines as their drivers. So, for every driver ( G15, the G15 Draw, the i15, the RaptureV2, the G10, and the Rhapsody line for women), there is a corresponding fairway wood model that goes with it. This allows you to take advantage of Ping's custom fit process which allows you to build a comprehensive set of clubs with the fewest clubs possible. These fairway woods also have similar characteristics to the drivers - like an optimal center of gravity that allows you to hit shots that go longer and higher on the fairway or light rough. These fairway woods are made of stainless steel and range from medium to extreme forgiveness.

Hybrids by Ping

Ping golf clubs also offers hybrids that match up with the G15, the G15 Draw, the i15, the RaptureV2, the G10, and the Rhapsody line for women. Ping's hybrids are the next step in building your arsenal of clubs for the perfect game. They are made of stainless steel; and the sole design, along with the weighting properties have been improved so that they are easier to hit. As well, these models range from medium-high to extreme forgiveness.

Irons by Ping

Ping Golf clubs also offers a line of irons that once again go with G15, the i15, the RaptureV2, the G10, and the Lady Rhapsody line for women. Like all Ping golf clubs, these irons are part of the custom fitting service developed by Ping so that any golfer can build a cohesive set of clubs to lower their score. They are made of stainless steel and these irons range in forgiveness level from low to extreme.

Wedges by Ping

To complete your set, Ping golf clubs offers wedges that also correspond to the other clubs in the G15, the G15 Draw, the i15, the RaptureV2, and the G10 lines, as well as the Rhapsody line for women. These wedges are made of stainless steel with a tungsten toe weight and can easily handle delicate chips, pitches and full shots around the green.

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