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Used Ping Golf Clubs

Ping golf clubs has been among the top brand names in golf industry. They have received hundreds of patents as a direct result of the innovations developed by Karsten Manufacturing Corporation (KMC), the maker of Ping golf clubs, which began to design and manufacture golf clubs back in 1950s. Today, some golf companies are outsourcing their production to third world country. But, this family-owned company still manufacturing their 'top of the line' Ping golf clubs at its plant in Phoenix, Arizona faithfully.

All Ping golf clubs are designed with the latest top technology to improve the game of golf. Their team of skilled engineers works with a large number of design variables to create the perfect club. Using a robotic golfer, PING Man, they can test all facets of the performance of the new clubs design with consistent precision. This including launch angles, spin rates, even shot patterns from mis-hits are analyzed. And the evaluation is continued by human golfers such as PING Professional staff, Tour players and amateurs.

Ping golf clubs are designed to be custom fit. Since 1960s, Karsten (the founder of PING) had already helped PGA Tour professionals to improve their games by fitting the clubs to individual golfers. Ping was the first to introduce the custom-fit titanium driver in 1998 where the patented hosel (designed for fitting) can be adjusted to match a golfer's swing and ball flight. Today, all PING clubs are custom-fit (using a Ping fitting system of color coding) to your unique game.

Due to Ping's advanced fitting technology, Ping golf clubs can be expensive if you buy new. But you can find good bargain used Ping golf clubs by shopping online. You can find wide selection of used Ping golf clubs at GolfSmith such as preowned Ping G10/G15 Driver w/ graphite and a good condition preowned Ping G10/G15 Irons 3-PW at GolfSmith. Click here to find more used Ping golf clubs at GolfSmith.com.

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