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Used Taylor Made Golf Clubs

Taylor Made golf clubs are popular brand names that used by many golfers, including famous tour players such as Fred Funk, Retief Goosen, Mike Weir, Sergio Garcia and many more. Since founded in 1979, TaylorMade is one of the largest golf clubs manufacturers in the world. The name 'TaylorMade' meant to reflect the company's golf clubs - tailored for every golfer. In 1998, TaylorMade was merged with Adidas (world's largest sport clothing and shoes producers) and Salomon (world's leader in skiing and snowboarding) and became a wholly owned subsidiary of adidas-Salomon AG.

TaylorMade has created many excellent golf clubs with cutting edge technology, the latest being TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) technology used in their r7 Quad Driver. By merely changing the cartridges of different weights in the clubhead in six different configurations, it gives the golfer the ability to adjust the club head's center of gravity by several millimeters from the front-to-rear or toe-to-heel. As a result, one can achieves different set of launch conditions - different launch angle, spin-rate and even clubface alignment at impact. Retief Goosen has the TaylorMade r7 quad driver in his bag when he won the 2004 US Open. Not surprisingly, Taylor Made golf drivers have been ranked No. 1 according to Darrell Survey brand count statistics at 142 consecutive PGA Tour events. You can find very good condition used R7 Quad Titanium Driver with graphite here.

In the similar survey, TaylorMade Rescue (the utility clubs) was used four times more than the nearest competitor. In fact, Taylor Made Rescue has been used by more than 400 touring professionals around the worlds and was the best-selling utility club on the marketing according to Golf Data Tech. You can find preowned TaylorMade Rescue Utility w/ graphite with good condition at GolfSmith.com

In additional to the famous TaylorMade drivers and utility woods, TaylorMade also produces superior design and quality irons with RAC (Relative Amplitude Coefficient) technology that promote the soft-yet-solid feel at impact that golfers love. You can find used Taylor Made RAC OS Oversize Irons that designed to match your swing speed.

A brand new Taylor Made golf clubs can very expensive, but you can find many good bargain used Taylor Made golf clubs at GolfSmith.com. Don't take our words for it, find out yourself by clicking here!

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