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Wilson Golf Clubs

"What are Wilson golf clubs?" is a question that many people ask when they are looking around for a new set of clubs. This is because the Wilson brand offers equipment for many different kinds of sports besides golf. This includes tennis, baseball, basketball and many other sports; this is why not everyone knows that Wilson makes some of the finest golf clubs on the market.

Wilson has also always been known as an affordable brand for quite some time. So, Wilson golf clubs were originally considered as clubs for beginners or junior golfers. While Wilson golf clubs are still one of the most affordable brands, there are now pro golfers on the PGA tour like Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw who use them to win tournaments. Altogether, Wilson golf clubs have been used to win fifty nine Major Championships. Of course, pros use tour caliber equipment, but Wilson has also improved the quality of their more affordable golf clubs for the average golfer. Since their new line of irons, woods, and putters have been introduced - Wilson golf clubs definitely keep up with higher end brands of golf clubs.

Wilson Woods

Wilson golf clubs offers four lines of woods: The Wilson Staff Smooth 460cc driver, the Fybrid Heavy Sole, the Fybrid Fairway utility, and the Spine Driver. The design of the Wilson Staff Smooth 460cc driver was inspired by the sleek design of modern high performance vehicles. This is a beautiful looking driver that performs as well on the inside as well as it looks on the outside. First of all, this driver has proprietary variable thickness design. Drivers with a constant thickness face only deliver half the sweet spot as the Wilson Staff Smooth 460cc driver. Head stability on this club is increased because the weight is moved further back on the club head, which allows for improved launch conditions. This driver also has a series of flexible shafts to choose from which can either provide a higher ball launch with more spin - or for stronger golfer, a mid trajectory launch with a lower spin.

The Fybrid Heavy Sole combines the properties of a hybrid and fairway woods into a single club. This club is designed to eliminate the amount of clubs you have to carry, and frees up your bag for other specialty clubs like wedges. The Fybrid Fairway Utility club once again simplifies club selection and makes hitting long distances easier. The Spine Driver is a perimeter weighted driver that delivers a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) by using a lower CG (center of gravity) than most conventional drivers.

Wilson Irons

Wilson golf clubs offers five different lines of irons: The new Wilson Staff FG Tour, the Wilson Staff Fg59, the completely redesigned Ci9, the Wilson Staff Di9, and the all new D-FY transition set. Wilson has probably spent the most time in the past few years improving their irons. In fact, some of these irons, like the new Wilson Staff FG Tour, were play-tested for 18 months by amateurs and pros alike before they were introduced the market.

The featured iron from Wilson Golf Clubs is the new Wilson Staff FG Tour. Its main feature is a playable and forgiving cavity back design. This makes it a club that can be used by both professionals and advanced amateurs alike. The Wilson Staff FG Tour is made of mild carbon steel and has a square toe blade shape. Because the sole is tour-configured, this club performs equally well on almost any kind of lie. The weight in the club head is distributed from the heel into the toe, thanks to the shallow cavity in the back. This provides not only for more stability, but also increased MOI. This is partly due to the conforming grooves, which are placed strategically higher than on most irons. This creates a higher spin and allows you to exert more control over the ball. Other major improvements in the other irons include redesigned exoskeletons, wide-tip shafts, vibration dampening, more professional looking designs, and seamlessly fused long-club technology.

Wilson Wedges

Wilson golf clubs offers two lines of wedges: Wilson Staff Tw9 and the new Wilson Staff 88. Although the grooves are cut as deep and wide as possible, the grooves on the Wilson Staff Tw9 wedge are within the standards of the USGA. These grooves will help you get the utmost spin and control on the greens. Also, in the milled recessed areas, there is an elastomeric coating which makes for a softer impact. The all new Wilson Staff 88 has a dual milled face -which provides for consistency; multi surface markings that help get players eyes in the correct position; and a low durometer soft polymer grip for an improved feel and feedback.

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