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ADAMS IDEA A70S Golf Clubs Review

The Adams Idea A70s hybrid irons and woods are the newest addition from Adams that improves their already existing line of award-winning hybrid golf clubs. Touted as the future of hybrid club sets, Adams claims that the Adams Idea A70s irons are the most forgiving irons and woods that they have designed to date. This is mainly because of the patented 'gapping' technology (a hollow design) makes these hybrids improve launch conditions, increase the distance of the ball, make it easier to swing, and also helps hit the ball at the right angle.

Who Should Use Adams IDEA A70s Club

The Adams Idea A70s set of irons and woods are designed for anyone with a handicap of 12 or higher, and who also has a lower swing speed. The set comes in lengths from 3 to 9 and has a forgiveness rating of 89% to 100%. The offset is progressive, the sole width is wide and the launch angle is high. The Adams Idea A70s hybrid set is also the first entire set of hybrid irons and woods that Adams has launched. So no matter what length of iron you need to use, these clubs (with a five star rating from Golf Digest) will launch your ball higher and send it farther than ordinary irons.

This is because there are a combined weight of 44 grams in the heel and toe of the club head. This weight distribution is what makes the cub head forgiving across the entire surface. So no matter where you make contact with the ball, you are still going to get at least 15 more yards of distance than if you used a regular iron or wood. The weight on the heel is what makes the Adams Idea A70s hit the ball more squarely, thus getting the ball closer to the intended target more consistently.

These clubs are definitely designed for someone who needs maximum confidence when they play, so they are made for someone who may only enjoy the game of golf on the weekends. Other game improvement features include an oversized club head, a very high moment of impact for someone with a slow swing, and a low back weight for maximum CG depth.

Adams Idea A70s Description

The club heads of this set of hybrids have a thin face, an ultra-thin crown, dual cavity back, and sole weighting. The shafts are made of Grafalloy graphite (technically called the Grafalloy ProLaunch Axis), and the grip is the Adams Traction Tour Velvet. Also, this set comes with 4 wood-like hybrids, as well as four iron-like hybrids. So, buying this set of clubs cuts down on the number of clubs that you have to purchase and carry around on the course. There are also custom options available for these irons and woods.

The Adams Idea A70s is really a set of hybrids for the beginning golfer. There are also sets that are specifically tailored to women golfers. The reviews that have come out about this set of clubs say that they are some of the most forgiving hybrids on the market and make the game of golf much more enjoyable for the casual golfer who has a higher handicap than others. This means that if you are playing a round of golf with friends who play more often than you, the Adams Idea A70s may be the set of hybrids to help lower your score.

Where to Buy Used Adams Idea A70s Hybrid Online?

If you are looking to buy genuine Adams Idea A70s hybrid, you can buy directly from GolfsmithAdams Idea A70, the world's largest golf superstore, Golfsmith, offers "90/90 Playability Guarantee" where for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 90 days after your club purchase, return your clubs to Golfsmith and receive a credit of up to 90% of the original purchase price toward your next club purchase.


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