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Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver

The Adams Speedline fast 10 driver has been rated as a top club by Golf Magazine. You know when a driver gets tested by the pros that it is worth checking out; and the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver is no exception. That's because there are several advantages to using this driver. This includes accuracy, side spin reduction, strong carry distance, and a high and straight flight. This driver is also classified as an ‘easy-to -hit' club that is perfect for a golfer who wants a swing that is smooth and propels the ball with distance and accuracy. This driver has also been favorably reviewed by Sports Illustrated Golf Magazine. That being said, it's time to look at the advantages that the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver has to offer.

Aerodynamic Technology

There are many reviews that classify the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver as one of the most forgiving clubs in modern golf. This means that if you have a marginal golf game, this club will not only improve your handicap, but will also make you look like a pro. This is a driver that even gives extra distance to players who play professionally. This driver has even enabled pro players to win many championship tours because of its engineering.

Long History of Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver

The Adams Speedline fast 10 driver wasn't just born yesterday. It has been around for a while. The Adams Speedline fast 10 driver has an entire history of engineering that sets it apart from other clubs. This is technology that is patent-pending for several reasons. First, there is the advanced club design which has been developed to combat the elements. This club design reduces airflow around the club head, and with stable airflow, there is far much less drag and an improved distance when you are trying to position yourself to land a shot.

This driver has been wind tunnel tested; and this is only one of the tests that Adams has used to develop the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver for adverse conditions. In addition, the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver is tested for fine element analysis simulation; and then Adams went through further tests to determine computation fluid dynamics. The results from this further testing are where the extra yards and accuracy are gained by the average player when they use the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver to gain an advantage on the fairway.

When the third generation of the Adam's Speedline fast 10 driver was created, it not only captured more club head speed for weekend golfers, it also gained them a more accurate distance than they could get from other clubs. This is because the Adams Speedline driver is a golf club that is engineered to win. When it comes to the 9.5° and 10.5° Aldila Wasabi and Matrix graphite shaft, they both have an aerodynamic design that used to get you five more yards per game than any other of the drivers that are out there. Now they deliver 15 more yards per game, just because of their improved design.

Extra Distance

The reason why you get more distance from the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver, besides the aerodynamic shaping, is because you get 10 percent less drag time during your swing. This development is partially due to the increase in the toe curvature and the decrease in heel curvature that the new Adams Speedline fast 10 driver has been designed to improve. Advances like this to a driver create a steady airflow around the club head. This may seem like a small improvement, but in fact, these kind of developments help reduce drag time and propel the ball with more distance and more accuracy than ever before.

Streamlined Design

While the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver looks traditional, it has been modernized. The design of the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver is streamlined. The sole of the club has been reworked since its introduction, and while the club is still traditional looking, it has been reworked to look better on the course. The club head still has an all black crown, but the sole of the club has blue, green and white accents that make it more current, while still retaining the functionality of the original design. There is a stock version available, but this driver also comes in designs that really have golfers talking when you are out on the course.

Favorable Reviews

Many Golfers have tested the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver with favorable reviews. After several pros tested the Adams Speedline fast 10 driver, it was the consensus that it not only gained a golfer distance, but also had a certain amount of forgiveness. The most important observance from the golfers who were involved with the test was that the balls were quickly lifted with the driver; and although they achieved a certain amount of distance, the shots went straight because of the forgiveness on the club face. This is because with an Adams Speedline fast 10 driver, it doesn't matter whether you hit the sweet spot on the clubface, just as long as you hit the ball.

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