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Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood

The Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood has been perfected by pros in order to improve the distance of your shot and also perfect the accuracy that you need when you tee off on the golf course. Aerodynamic design, coupled along with a chemically milled hyperbolic face cup, makes this newly improved fairway wood a club that you should have in your golf bag if you are a weekend golfer who needs some correction on their golf swing. One of the most impressive achievements is that Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood corrects the moment of impact so that the ball goes in the right direction, even if you make contact with the ball too far to the right or the left.

The Moment of Impact

The moment of impact (generally referred to as MOI) is simply the phrase used to describe the time when your clubface makes contact with the ball. While you can't land every shot, there is a science behind the Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood that makes your golf game more consistent. The aerodynamic design of this club reduces the drag in the downswing which then produces a higher impact speed when you connect with the ball. This higher impact speed, along with the construction of a longer and straighter fairway wood - which is made mainly of steel, produces a lower center of gravity that provides for a club that improves most golfers' scores.

A well, the chemically milled hyperbolic face cup also reduces the amount of unwanted material you may have on your clubface if you strike the ground unintentionally. In other words, if you strike downward and create a divot, the club face will not hold onto the turf.

Forgiveness on your Swing

The center of gravity (or CG) is essential to your golf game. Part of the technology behind what makes the Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood a superior club is that it is designed to correct your swing to produce a score improvement that you won't find with regular clubs. The Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood has been designed to outperform other clubs. This has been accomplished through the use of fused Titanium. Also, the weight of the club face and the shaft are correctly engineered to optimize ball flight without even having to connect the sweet spot of your club face square on with the ball.

Distance on the Fairway

When it comes to distance on the fairway, it isn't always a contest of how far you can hit the ball when you tee off. Accuracy is also major concern. Any golfer loves the distance they can get from their club along the fairway, until their ball winds up too short of the first hole to make it under par. The first hole is the most important, because it sets the tone for the rest of the game.

The Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood has been improved to correct this problem. This club was originally based on the Big Bertha Diablo, which featured a smaller, stainless steel head that was the hallmark of drivers when it was first introduced. Since then, the golfing engineers at Callaway made the club head of the Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood larger and also improved the club in other ways. For example, the hosel (the socket into which the golf shaft is inserted into the club head) is just one of the ways that this club has evolved.

Two Models of the Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood

A standard Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood gives an amateur golfer the advantage they need to land the first shot with the important combination of distance combined with the accuracy. However, the same technology that has been used to develop the standard Titanium models for regular consumers has also been used by the experts at Callaway to engineer a professional model as well. The shape of the club head for professionals is based on the same technology as the commercially available model; the main difference being that it has a smaller club head. The retail clubs for amateurs are different in the fact that they have a larger club head to compensate for any individual differences that an amateur golfer might have to compensate for when they swing the club.

The VTF Face Pattern

VTF, more commonly known as variable face thickness, is part of the design of the Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood that sets it apart from other clubs. The VTF Face pattern makes a big difference in your golf score. When a company like Callaway adjusts the thickness of the clubface, they do it for several reasons. First of all, if the thickness of the club head on the fairway wood that you are using is heavier, it increases the ball speed. Of course, if the ball is traveling at a higher speed, you will get more distance. This feature is further improved by the fact that while the club head is heavier in the center, it is thin around the edges. That allows the Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood to deliver more inertia to the ball upon impact from the club.

Where to Buy Used Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood Online?

If you are looking to buy genuine Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood, you can buy directly from:

Callaway Golf
Free shipping for all order over $100 within the Continental US plus two year warranty on its golf clubs. Shop cheap and discount Diablo Edge Fairway at Callaway Golf.

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