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Callaway Diablo Forged Iron Set

If you want to improve your golf game, the Callaway Diablo forged iron set may be the answer. This set of irons has been designed to perform the job of traditional clubs, but has also been improved to outperform them. In short, the Callaway Diablo forged iron set is designed for enhanced playability in the game of golf.

The first thing that you will notice about the clubs that are included in the Callaway Diablo forged iron set is that they have a soft carbon steel body which is also accompanied by the engineering of perimeter weighting.

Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting in a golf club design means that the weight of the club face is on the perimeter of the club head instead of the center. This engineering allows for a much more forgiving club that lets you hit the ball off-center and still land a shot. All of the Callaway irons use perimeter weighting, as opposed to traditional blade irons which most of the pros use. This is because these clubs are weighted for professionals and not recreational golfers. Blade irons are perfect to land a shot if you actively golf as a professional, but they wonít lower the score for amateur golfers; especially if you canít connect the sweet spot with the ball to avoid a course hazard like a tree, a sand trap, or even a lake.

Perimeter weighting, from the Callaway Diablo forged iron set, is designed for golf improvement and can enhance anyoneís game. With perimeter weighting, when you hit the ball off-center, these clubs are designed to correct the shot. They also have a precision welded 455 Carpenter steel face. This is an exclusive feature that creates the feel and weight of a traditional iron, but improves your game because you can have an impact with a club that doesnít weigh as much as the traditional irons.

Perimeter weighting has captured the science of compensating for less than perfect shots if you donít golf for a living. Of course, every golfer wants to hit the ball dead center on the sweet spot of the clubface to land the perfect shot; but everyone who only plays golf on the weekends can still use a little help from their clubs. This is why Ely R. Callaway Jr. wanted to develop the Callaway Diablo forged iron set to be designed as forgiving - if your game is less than perfect.

History Behind the Original Callaway Diablo Forged Iron Set

There is a history behind the original Callaway Diablo forged iron set that makes it more functional than other clubs. These irons, which were designed by Roger Cleveland, were commissioned by Ely R. Callaway Jr. (the original owner of Callaway Golf) in 1996 and then launched for retail sale in 2002. These irons were actually the end product of Richard C. Helmsetter, a billiard cue designer, and the Hickory Sticks Company where Callaway started. Although he was actually a textile mogul, Ely Callaway Jr. was an avid golf player as well. So he not only had the means to buy the Hickory Sticks Golf Club Company, he also had the passion to improve on the original design of golf clubs for those of us who just enjoy the game on the weekends.

The original Calloway Diablo forged set was based on the irons that were constructed with steel core shafts and that were surrounded by hickory wood. While this kind of innovation is really ancient history for golfers today, this concept actually gave Ely Callaway Jr. the ideas that make a Callaway Diablo forged iron set that stood out against the other brands of golf equipment available at the time. By constantly improving the clubs, Ely R. Callaway Jr. was testing golf clubs that always kept him ahead of the pack when it came to improving the game. One of the first design elements that he thought about was the sweet spot.

The Sweet Spot

All of the clubs in the Callaway Diablo forged iron set have a large and forgiving sweet spot. If you want to win a casual game of golf, you will need clubs that make optimum impact with the ball at all times. This means having a club that allows for errors in your swing. The larger sweet spots on the entire Callaway Diablo forged iron set (where the weight is balanced in the foot of the club head instead of the toe) prevents miss-hits due to club twisting and other errors that you might have in your swing. This design also includes the means for gaining distance.

Gaining Longer Distance

Gaining distance with the Callaway Diablo forged iron set. A lower center of gravity, with regards to an iron, is a design concept that works when you need distance on the course. While LCG is a fairly recent concept from Callaway, it does work. This is because when the weight of the iron is shifted to the bottom of the club, the ball gets more air time without the extended effort that traditional clubs require.

Where to Buy Used Callaway Diablo Forged Iron Set Online?

If you are looking to buy genuine Callaway Diablo forged iron set, you can buy directly from:

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