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Callaway FT-iZ Driver

One of the newer drivers available from the experts at the Callaway Golf Company is the Callaway FT-iZ driver. This driver, developed by using the golfing principals of Ely R. Callaway Jr., is designed to lower your golf score through the engineering of golf clubs that will improve the distance and accuracy of your shots. This is mainly because of the weight distribution in the driver itself. With 58% of the weight distributed to the club face and then 16% of the weight in the club handle, this driver gives you a weight distribution that allows you to practice and play your golf game with a distinct advantage.

Game Improvement Drivers

It doesn't matter what course you play, or even what your skill level is, the Callaway FT-iZ driver will improve your game. Ely Callaway, an amateur golfer who loved the game, made sure that other amateur golfers would succeed by using golf clubs that would improve their performance, even if they only golfed on weekends or on vacations. Let's face it, most pro golfers have a lifetime to perfect their strategy and strokes, but the rest of us only have the weekends or short vacations to get on the course and enjoy the game of golf. Of course, you want to look like a pro and have bragging rights at the nineteenth hole; but if you want to look good and are only able to play golf part-time, you may need some help from your clubs.

Stroke Variance

Variance in a golf club will always throw off your game if you only golf on the weekends. This is why the polar weighting was specifically designed for the Callaway FT-iZ driver. This polar weighting corrects the variance you may have in your stroke and lets you golf with a lower score if you are only a casual golfer. The developers of these drivers accomplished reducing the effects of stroke variance by creating a heavy club face. This club face increases the linear acceleration of the ball, and in turn gives you a longer distance on your initial fairway strokes. The well-thought-out distribution of weight between the front and back of the driver makes this a driver that is perfect for the part-time golfer who wants to get a lower score.

Impact Point

The address of the ball is an element of golf that many recreational golfers don't fully understand. If you have a tilted clubface when you address the ball, it will probably go into a sand trap or a water hazard on the course. If you are new to the game of golf, the Callaway FT-iZ driver will help correct the problems of having a straight line when you address the ball, and therefore give you the accuracy and distance that you need to lower your golf score.

Longer Distance with Accuracy

The Callaway FT-iZ driver is longer and straighter than other clubs. It is also made of cast titanium, cast steel, formed aluminum and compression cured carbon fiber. This driver was specifically engineered this way so that the amateur golfers can hit shots that go right down the fairway and not into the woods. As well, the chemically milled hyperbolic face cup helps deliver balls at higher speeds and with more precision. Hitting balls at higher speeds is also possible because of the aerodynamic body design of the Callaway FT-iZ driver. The shape of the club actually reduces the drag time on the downswing to produce speeds that will get you more distance and accuracy. As all the golfers knows, distance needs to be coupled with accuracy to win the game.

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is the key to any club that helps with game improvement. The weight distribution of the Callaway FT-iZ driver is designed to correct your swing and to improve your game. This is why the Callaway FT-iZ driver has a weight distribution that is balanced based on the principles of a barbell. While most of the weight is in the club face, there is an equal amount of weight towards the back of the club. This kind of weight distribution produces more inertia when the ball is stuck, and in turn, sends the ball farther and with more accuracy along the course. If you are just starting out golfing, this is a great club to perfect your game.

Get your Ball Airborne from any Lie

While the Callaway FT-iZ driver is a great looking driver, it also will correct many problems that you may have if your golf swing isn't quite perfect on different courses. The result of using the Callaway FT-iZ driver is that you can get your ball airborne from any lie. The Callaway FT-iZ driver is definitely a driver to add to your arsenal of clubs if you want to look good on the course and at the same time lower your score. 

Where to Buy Used Callaway Diablo FT-iZ Driver Online?

If you are looking to buy genuine Callaway FT-iZ driver, you can buy directly from:

Callaway Golf
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