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Odyssey Black Series Tour Design - Blade Putter Review

The Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter is different from other putters because the pros were consulted to improve the design of this putter which is designed for more advanced players. This includes pro players like Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els, as well as others. Along with the engineers at Callaway, the Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter was born.

Of course, there are a series of putters in the Odyssey Black series, which are mainly designed for more advanced golfers. First of all, there is a reason why these putters have earned their brand name. All of the putters in this series have a deep black physical vapor deposition finish. What this finish creates is the look of a professional players club. A fully finished look on a club is something that will give any player the edge, in a game where confidence is everything.

Secondly, beneath the PVD layer, is a fully milled face which provides for a consistent strike across the entire club face. So, in effect, the Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter is not only professional looking, it is also engineered to perform. This is a big bonus when you are out on the course and looking to impress others - while at the same time lower your score.

The Engineering behind the Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter

The designers at Callaway know that there is a big difference between teeing off at the first hole and putting on the green. Obviously, the irons and woods that you use to get distance and height to get as near to the target as possible are not the same clubs you will use once you are on the green. Putting is an extremely delicate part of the game of golf, and the engineers at Callaway have provided the putter that is almost as delicate as a surgical instrument.

The Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter is softer on the green because it is a milled putter and also constructed from 1025 carbon steel. This is an important aspect of the construction, because when you are the green, the smallest divot can make your ball go awry when you hit it; and this will make your score go over par if you have to take a few more strokes to sink the ball.

The Roll of the Ball on the Green

As any golfer will tell you, the roll of the ball on the green is crucial to obtaining a lower score. While the roll of the ball is not always predictable, the Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter has what Callaway has patented as Advance Roll Technology. Simply put, Callaway has placed a tungsten weight to move the center of gravity to the back and lower part of the club head. This offers a dampening effect that overcompensates for all of the factors that may come into play when you are on the green.

The Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter also uses multi-material construction. This includes a urethane layer, which is inserted into the steel club head and cushions the tungsten weight so that there is a better feel from the club when you are putting. In effect, the Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter is a putter for more seasoned players, who would like a more sophisticated putter in order play a better game.

Where to Buy Used Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter Online?

If you are looking to buy genuine Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 putter, you can buy directly from:

Callaway Golf
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