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Used Golf Putters

Today, putters come in various sizes, shapes and shaft length. Even though, all putters aim to help you to sink your ball into the hole, but there are so many different putter designs available that you will be terribly spoilt for choice. You can find putters with short heads, long heads, straight heads, triangular-shaped head, bulbous heads, no frills heads putters with broomhandle shafts, thick grips ...... you've got the picture! In general, putters have few different designs:

  • Traditional BullEye

  • Mallet head

  • Heel shafted, flanged-blade

  • Heel-toe weighted (also known as "Ping" style design)

The traditional BullEye has the weight of the putter designed to be dead center, so called "sweet spot". The problem with BullEye is that you have to hit the ball dead center to get the ball roll in the direction you aimed for. If you strike the ball off center, you are going to miss the cup. Then, Karsten Solheim designed the 'Ping' putter where the weight is distributed evenly from the heel of the putter to its toe (hence, it is known as heel-toe weighted design). This putter design is much more forgiving. Even if you miss the dead center of the putter head, the ball still have a good chance to go fairly straight. As a result, heel-toe weighted putter is a popular choice for most golfers especially beginner. However, that doesn't necessary mean they're right for you!

So, how do you choose a putter? Again, 'feel' plays a big part in the putter selection. In general, a heavyweight putter provides the most solid strike on impact and therefore offers the best 'feel'. In contrast, a lightweight putter offers the least 'feel' and your timing will be affected. Consequently, the quality of strike will be impaired. But again, weight is more of a personal preference. So, you have to try out different putters to find an ideal putter weight that gives you the best 'feel'. 

In addition, you want to choose a putter that is suitable for your height, arms length and how you stand to the ball. Don't assume any putters in the golf shop will suit you automatically. The most important variable when selecting a putter is the length. A right length putter will sit nicely and enable you to line up to your target without having to make any adjustments. Depending on your height, you can adjust the putter length easily by golf pro. In general, a putter length of 34 - 35 inches is about the right length for most men. While, putter length of 33 - 34 inches is more ideal for most women. But these are just general guidelines.

In any cases, putters are much more a matter of personal preference, style and opinion. So, try out all kinds of putter and choose one which appeals to you, inspires confidence in you and one that you're most comfortable with.

Where to buy used golf putters online?

On the Internet, there are online stores where you can buy used golf putters at great bargains. Look at some used golf putters online stores here:

TGW Used Golf Putters You can find huge selection of name brands golf putters at TGW at discount prices.

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned
Callaway Pre-Owned carries broad collection of used golf putters of various design. You can find popular Odyssey Black Series, Callaway Golf I-TRAX, Odyssey White 2-Ball putter, Tri-Ball putter, Odyssey White Hot Series and many more.

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