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Used Golf Wedges

Wedges are short irons. However, they are commonly grouped separately from irons because wedges are specialty irons. Wedges are very important clubs as they are used to hit short shot that require high accuracy. Therefore, wedges are  designed to increase shot control and shot shaping. Many professional golfers carry three or even up to four wedges with loft amount increase in four degrees. Pinemeadow Wedge In other words, you can find wedges in 48, 52, 56, 60 and 64 degree lofts. (Note: some golf manufacturers, such as Pinemeadow, even produce a very special wedge called the " Last Wedge" which has an amazing 68 degree loft). Due to its high loft, wedges can produce high trajectory arching shot that only roll very little when hit the green. Therefore, wedges are commonly used to get over trees, steep bunkers or green side bunkers between you and the flagstick.

Basically, there are four common types of golf wedges:

Pitching wedge (PW)

The loft of pitching wedge is about 48 degrees. PW is the highest lofted wedge, therefore is commonly interchangeable with the 9-iron. However, PW can provide more control when pitching up to the green, for example from about 50 yards away from green. In general, a male golfer might hit an average distance of 95 - 110 yards with pitching wedge. While, women's average distance is 75 - 90 yards with pitching wedge.

Gap wedge

Gap wedge, also known as approach wedge, falls in between pitching wedge and sand wedge with lofts of about 52 degree. You will need to carry gap wedge to close the gap (if there is) between your sand wedge and pitching wedge.

Sand wedge (SW)

Sand wedge is carried in all the golf bags. The lofts on the sand wedge is about 56 degrees. It is used, as the name says, to hit the ball out from the sand bunker. Its heavy club head and brad flange designed to backhoe your deep buried golf ball out from the bunker. Due to its high loft, this club is also used to pitch from the fairway or the rough to gives the ball a very high and soft landing. Generally, a male golfer might hit an average distance of 75 - 90 yards with sand wedge. And, women's average distance is 45 - 60 yards.

Lob wedge (LW)

Lob wedge is very popular club and carried by many golfers. Its extreme loft of 60 degree allows it to 'lob' the ball high and land on the green with steep angle with little or no roll. This club can be used on the fairway, in the rough or in the sand bunker. In general, a male golfer can hit an average distance of 40 - 60 yards with lob wedge on full shot. And, women's average distance is 25 - 40 yards.

The secrets to successful wedge play is knowing exactly how far you can hit with each wedges on full shot. When short game is about accuracy, professional golfers know exactly which wedge club to use to get the ball within two to three yards to the flagstick. How far do you hit yours?  

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