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Used Utility Golf Clubs

Utility golf clubs, also known as hybrid clubs, are getting popular because they are designed to get the ball airborne and to make solid contact more easily. You can use utility clubs to get the ball out of the deep rough, out of divots, off bare lies, from the fairway, and from fairway bunkers. Almost every golfers can benefit from one of the higher-lofted "utility" clubs, such as 3-wood, 4-wood, or 5-wood. Many golfers, especially average golfers, have problems handling long iron 2-, 3- or 4-iron. You should seriously consider replace the long irons with utility golf clubs if you want to improve your score. 


This utility club can be used on the tee and on the fairway. At the tee, you would get more accuracy than you would with the driver and still achieve pretty good distance. So, 3-wood is a good compromise when you want to hit a high ball or when you are facing with a narrow fairway at the tee. The average distance for 3-wood is between 190 to 220 yards. 


This utility club is commonly used in the fairway or the rough. It has more loft than 3-wood, therefore could get the ball up more quickly. Many women golfers find this club a favorite. The average distance for 5-wood is between 170 to 200 yards. 


This utility club is pretty much used under the same circumstances as the 5-wood. It is becoming more favorable than the long irons. Average distance is between 140 to 180 yards. 

Where to buy used utility golf clubs online?

You can purchase mark down used utility golf clubs at some of the online stores below:

TGW Used Golf Utility clubs You can find huge selection of name brands golf utility clubs at TGW at discount prices.

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned
Callaway Pre-Owned carries many used utility golf clubs. You can find Callaway popular fairway woods series: Big Bertha 2007, X Hybrid, X Hot, FT-Hybrid, X Tour, Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid, Big Bertha Fusion, Big Bertha Titanium and many more.


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